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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Government of Murmansk Region

Knipovich Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanog

The North Chamber of Commerce and Industry



15-16 March 2007 Murmansk




Fisheries in the North Atlantic: Reality and Prospects: Summaries of presentations of the International Conference. - Murmansk: PINRO Press, 2007. - 73 pp.
ISBN 5-86349-148-5

The summaries submitted to the International Conference on Fisheries in the North Atlantic cover problems of present state and development of the North Atlantic fisheries including international cooperation, legal and legislative basis, prospects for fisheries resources, technical and technological support of fisheries, renovation of fishing fleet.

Editor-in-chief B. F. Prishchepa


Hubold G. ICES as a Provider of Independent Scientific Advice on Marine Living Resources and the Environment

Hoydal К. NEAFC: Regional cooperation in fisheries and the NEAFC framework

Kvitsinsky Y. A. Status of the Spitsbergen archipelago and the surrounding waters

Fragueiro J. С. М. Problems and international legal bases for fishing in the Spitsbergen (Svalbard) area

Nordsletten O. Common challenges and legal certainties

Matthiasson S. I. The Icelandic management system: structure and function

Rettingen I. The use of harvest control rules in the management of Barents Sea Fisheries

Stepakhno G. V. Problems of international law related to fisheries in the Barents and Norwegian Seas

Zilanov V.K. New challenges in the management of old fish resources in the North east Atlantic

Pastoors M. Status of fish stocks in the Northeast Atlantic

Drevetnyak K.V., Kovalev Yu.A., Lepesevich Yu.M., Prischepa B.F., Shamray E.A., Shevelev M.S. Exploitation of living marine resources in the Barents and Norwegian Seas: Evolution of management strategy

Sigurjonsson J., Sigurdsson Th. The importance of scientific knowledge in securing long-term utilization of fish resources

Titov О.V., Lepesevich Yu.M., Tarasov N.A., Pedchenko A.P. Climate change and prospects of fisheries in the Barents Sea and adjacent Arctic seas

Rodin A.V. Seasonal variations in water circulation in the southwestern Barents Sea and their consequences for fish distribution

Bogstad В., Gjesaeter H. Age-based analytic assessment tools as basis for fish stock assessment

Gjesaeter H. Illegal unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing - what are the consequences?

Vasilyev D., Tjelmeland S. History and modern state of stock assessment methodology for Norwegian spring spawning herring

Borisov V.M. Are the relatively constant values of TAC for cod and haddock biologically founded?

Maage A., Hove H., Julshamn К. Monitoring seafood safety in Norwegian fisheries

Dedkov N. P. Metrological maintenance of navigation and protection of bioresources

Molina L.G. Mechanisms of the Spanish shipyards through PYMAR for the renewal of the Russian fishing fleet

Romanov V., Egorov E. On the current state and development trends of fishing fleet to be operated in the Northeastern Atlantic

Yakovlenkov E.A., Chernook V.I., Sverdlov A.L. Levashov D.E. Main approaches to design of a new Russian research vessel for North Atlantic

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