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Imagine the situation: you are - big boss at the negotiating table in front of you sits a good candidate for the post and you're going to offer him lucrative work as a slave. It looks great, even better said, in his summary shown famous companies names. It is you, even something like that. But something is wrong. Uncertainty worm in the subconscious intuition responds weak injections of the heart you will repel a sudden attack of distrust to the candidate, trying to stand up, extends your arm and ...

Stop! You may now make the most terrible mistake in his career. 

There are at least six types of personalities that in no case should make their own subordinates (if you do not plan to in the very near future to destroy your career). We try to figure out what's what.

So, these people cannot be put at the threshold of decent companies under any circumstances (unless they have you ordered pizza over the Internet):

1. "Sloven"

Immediately after recruitment comes to work on time desiring to create a workaholic (which he is not). After a couple months he is beginning to lose vigilance and regularly lose 15 minutes. In an hour after the start of the working day it could be easily found halfway to your computer desperately flirt with the pretty secretary, with a third on account of coffee mug in his hands. This mug - the sloven distinctive feature: it helps create the feeling that terrible employees barely-barely find time to pour in to the next portion of caffeine. He returned after lunch too late: "The waitress in the cafe clumsy." Well, yes, the sloven has is a good explanation for all situations.

How to calculate it at the interview stage? He's a bit late and refers to the terrible congestion. In his summary too much points but the former employer he recalled with disdain if not with ill-concealed hatred. However, he has good advice. They always said that when his mind and talent so at the correct position of his vast potential will certainly open. Nobody disputes. But even Einstein said that genius - is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. A sloven dislike to sweat. Give him the door.

2. "The bore"

He is artful and not worthy of your confidence. Such people always ready to rub you with a knife in the back or to bite with poisonous teeth despite that it seems more appropriate. Until he will gather around him a company of the same lousy men he did not think to show his true colors and to demonstrate the severity of canines. Once, when his stakes will be high he rises to its full growth and will cause you a precise shot. The only way to survive is to substitute his first.

How to calculate it at the interview stage? He smiles too much. Ask him to say a few words about a previous boss. He begins to lavish compliments but for the sweetness of his speeches, you inevitably feel the innuendo poison. His eyes run look steadfastly avoids your sight and the handshake will surprise lethargy.

3. "Admirer of talent"

He loves and idealise you, worshiped as a pagan god and considers the best chief in the world. And that is why? It is very simple: he just wants to be like you. If you hire such person - and you get instead subordinate limpet sticks to you at the most inopportune moment.

As an employee fan absolutely useless. He is afraid of offending you panic or move places even point your plan not to mention the point in the letter. The problem is that you do not have any plan: you have to recruit staff to enable them to make decisions and help you in your work. A fan will not take action and at gunpoint. That’s all! You have got a problem.

How to calculate it at the interview stage? Everything is simple. He too vigorously and alive for normal applicant. He has already scored your name into the search engine and found out the name of your first teacher. He was willing to cite all of your interviews that you have ever had. Talk with him a pleasure and you feel the pop star, a famous actor and oil magnate in one person. That is why the door to indicate it would be extremely difficult. But you need to do it - you have to work rather than listen to dithyramb.

4. "Psychopath"

At first you even impressed by the new assertiveness of the staff and ruthlessness with which it spread to competitors. But soon a steady stream of anger excessive rigidity and excessive emotionality in communion with the constant taste of the negative you get tired. His aggressive style of communication with customers, employees and subordinates tire you and as soon as you give him to understand all of its destructive force here befall your order tired head.

How to calculate it at the interview stage? You should come to the aid of the foundation physiognomy. Supervision to the line of the mouth: the lips are thin and tightly compressed. Pay attention to the sitting context: he is exactly the middle chair with a straight back - spring, ready to start any time. Talk to him about politics, ecology and election results or on any controversial topic. His eyes pupils immediately turned to hot fire - he clearly has a bright and overly emotional opinion on every issue.

5. "Robot"

He is cold as ice, calm as a constrictor and reliable as a rock. He has no heart, family, dogs, cats, fish, and empathy. All that he has - his degree of MBA. He works on weekends and tries to understand why you did not do the same. It should be exactly the instructions "from above" but all of his own ideas are always someone money, nerves, spiritual experiences and jobs. If you take it to work then he will find himself like robots and will begin to build relationships with them. At lunch, consisting of low-salad and a glass of mineral water they will slowly discuss liquidation value of the native. Do not expect loyalty from Robots greater than that required under the employment contract. It has neither love nor hate. It can deprive you of pleasure to do business and to destroy the friendly relations existing in your team well before his appearance. And business often collapses together with positive.

How to calculate it at the interview stage? Pay attention to his costume in a thin strip and the degree of MBA. Its holders are often richer by shearing with its own soul covers unnecessary and inconvenient humanity. Show him at the door otherwise how could he not become one of the horses apocalypse for your company.

6. "Future Head"

This person will ever take your place. At least, he thinks this sitting in his chair and answering your questions during the interview. His problem is that you guess about his plans take a seat in your chair and do nothing. He thought the main occupation of the chief is in "doing nothing".

How to calculate it at the interview stage? Calculate how many times during the conversation he made the pronoun "ME". Business - a team game and one who is too much said “ME” there are no seats.




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