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Why do so many people who want to do business but few of those who do? Is it different reasons? No! The reason is usually one - they lacked something. Despite of the vagueness «something» everything is very specific.

The point is that many people want to do but does not try to learn businesses in books or on the boards «experienced». That is right but the advice in books and friends as a rule represents two extremes. Some argue that zero across the top while others cry in the all throat everybody need a lot to know and to do before the start. For example such a good coach and author Robert Kiyosaki recommends no pity for several years for trade skills, leadership, etc. and wait for delayed rewards by investing time and labor. Another author and trainer Sergey Azimov believes that more can and should make money easily, quickly and from scratch (this is much closer to domestic mentality). There are many other people distributing tips to the right and left teaching via the Internet and in offices as well as through books.

And what happens? People listen, read and even use some elements. But doing business only units! Others believe they something is missing. There are some qualities or money or something. This is fully consistent with the theory of the need for a lot of things to start. But other people have and money and respect but it still does not start a business. This violates the logic.

Someone believes that is too old, some too young, someone poor, someone cannot afford to risk that is. And so on and so forth. I.e. the existence of some properties and the money does not solve the problem. But without that such as cannot start too. 

With money and connections to people maybe not enough determination and perhaps the desire - I do not know. But those who have nothing hinder the theory! The theory states a business can start from scratch. But the subconscious does not allow such a thought. Because anything that is not happening. This fact is not debatable. But the solution is and it is simple.

You need only to change the wording. Instead of «business from scratch», you should speak and write - «to set business as is». After all, people are no longer zero. MIND + ABSTRACT THOUGHT + WILL + AIM + LAZY + FEAR + ... All of this is already available. This set is not perfect but it is adequate for any task. For all their qualities you should add material you have and get seed capital. Aware of the fact of ownership of the starting capital you do not block the way to let the subconscious mind aiming at the creation of ideas.

So behold! Business from scratch is not possible. But business with the existing set of skills and tools - easily. We need something many more than just ideas but not more than is already available to the average healthy person.

But the most important quality something that everyone has is learning. The one sufficient quality for any idea only is enough from small shop creation to unleash a world war.

We only deal with the terrible statistics that states that 95% of enterprises cannot develop and close usually at a loss. This is because people try to take the burden is not on the shoulder. Suppose you are now features enable you to open a shop and you try to start the production of automobiles. In this case you have a chance to learn in the process of creating a fail. Learning accounts too fast and too much but the problem is not even in it. The problem of «learning process» is complicated by the fact that the process did not have time for analysis and learning from their mistakes.

Therefore after the launch business that does not correspond to the level of human development there is the collapse of businesses and education in the bitter experience. Remembering past mistakes in a safe condition can be good to see their causes. True many people do not try to analyze past mistakes and simply write off all bad luck and to external circumstances. How can I see this error I do not know but it will hinder development. Successful people just always blame themselves. Obviously this is the easiest way to make a turn back and learn.

Now you need to determine what business will come under the existing quality. This is a very complex issue that may respond only to the person. For example once I would engage in sales of advertising but I am not able to sell (this was long) and therefore did not even try. But I had a tangible asset and money. And I started a business hiring sales manager. It was a simple analysis of my skills and material component. The idea I liked I found the way to the realization of the conditions in which was. Another person has decided to challenge another - began to sell itself for example. It does not matter.

The main thing is that the existing capacity was sufficient to start. If they were not enough I would have no immediate study sales or look for another idea. But I soon realized that trying to go against their capacities almost doomed to failure.



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