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Northern State Scientific-Production Company of Marine Geological Prospecting
("SEVMORGEO"), Russia

Transit zones of the seas of Russia are rich hydrocarbon resources. As a whole, the attention significant resources of a transit zone of water areas of Russia in which bowels 20 % of appreciated geological resources HC of domestic shelves are predicted pays to itself.

The deposits which are taking place in transit zones, are more accessible, rather than only sea, for explorative drilling and operation. Here small depths of water, it is not required linings of extended sea pipelines. Due to this in transit zones development even rather fine deposits is profitable. At the same time carrying out of searches and in these areas is much more difficult than investigation, than in the high sea or on land.

Works in a transit zone are complicated with natural and anthropogenous factors. To which number it is possible to attribute small depths, sandy and oozy bars, drying zones, narrow7 passes, sharp unpredictable winds and currents, coastal heat, a different soil the flooded subjects and dumps, berthing constructions, platforms, pipelines. All listed above factors demand the special approach at a choice seismic research equipment, application of non-standard technology of carrying out of seismic shooting, and also special a technique of works that determines features of hydrographic, geodetic maintenance, selection transport and means.

Example of a recording complex are radiotelemetering systems (RTS) of gathering of the seismic data, allowing to carry out "seamless" shooting both on laud and on the sea, to realize any configuration of reception lines depending on the put geological task, to use small floating means with small depth at carrying out of seismic shooting, operatively to eliminate malfunctions on reception lines.

Integral part seismic survey is navigating maintenance. The correct choice of the equipment and a technique of carrying out of hydro graphic and geodetic works, significally influences as quality of a field material on cost seismic works. Navigational-geodetic works are provided with the newest means of satellite navigation, that guarantees accuracy of a scheduled binding for points of shooting and reception (in a kinematics mode) - 2-3 м.

Depending on conditions of works a scheduled binding are made on satellite system NAVSTAR in mode DGPS. For maintenance of a differential mode satellite service of company OMNIStar or a network World services Beacon is used. If necessary, for example on Varandey area of works own basic station is developed. Specification of a site hydrophone under water to be made with the help of known software products SLS, Verify Pro and own software.

Works on three-dimensional shooting in a transit zone of Arctic regions have been successfully lead. Investigation were performed in a southern part of the Pechora sea. Works were carried out as on the sea with depths from 14 meters up to edge waters and on land. Also works on the structures going from the sea on land through a zone, with distance from coastal feature on 2.5 kilometers for coordination of the data on structures the land - sea with ground explorative chinks have been lead {have been earned out}. On land of work were carried out on strongly boggy tundra with numerous lakes and channels with application, as hydrophone, and groups geophones. Already express train - processing during field supervision has shown, that quality of a received material allows opening horizons up to depths of 5-7 kms.

Successful experience of works State Company "SEVMORGEO" as in the south, and in the north of Russia has shown an opportunity of carrying out seismic research works in zones in high noise level, both on the sea, and on land (in offshore zones).

Creation of technology seismic survey 2D and 3D works in a transit zone realized in the Pechora Sea has allowed increasing resource potential of overland deposits considerably.

Works on northern Caspian Sea, the depths of the sea complicated with strong dependence on a direction and force of a wind that created difficulties for excitation of fluctuations, have allowed solving the put geological tasks.

High technological flexibility of researches makes their irreplaceable at works on lakes, the rivers and them on bogs and in the areas excluding application of regular networks of supervision (a structure, road, pipelines, military objects and so forth).

Compatibility of a radiotelemetering complex with various on type and sources of elastic fluctuations does capacities its suitable for the decision of various geological problems {tasks} in various regions: search and investigation HC (Western Siberia, Timan-Pechora, Sakhalin, Northern Caspian sea); researches on geobeams (Karelia, Western Siberia).



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