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Have you ever lost your company?

This question is not only to the owners or founders. This question directed to every employee whatever position he has not worked. Mental pain, frustration and defeat feels every employee if the company suddenly broke with a crash.


So, you ever had to lose your business? To part with the people who worked for years with you as a team and that you overcome any difficulties on the way to the overall objectives?

I lost.

And if someone was in that situation he agrees that it is rather difficult moments of life.

Why this is happening? Do you think this is my question? No the question everyone asks themselves in this situation.

Ask someone why companies go under and that you will hear in response?

«The market went up against the ...»

«Not enough revolving fund ...»

«There was little customers ...»

«Chose the wrong time for this idea ...»

«Competition ...»

Perhaps all of these explanations have some merit, but appreciate the fact that they describe only the external factors! Do you know that the classic management of L. Ron Hubbard in practice found that external factors were only of secondary importance and priority is internal!

So surprised but any organization can be broken only from the inside.

If you once lose your company, it is one main reason - the company was killed. Who? ..

The right question ...

Do not think that this is some «hired assassins». Rather, it is indeed «wage» murderers but ironically they have been carefully hired by you personally or your clerk of personnel department and you also paid for.

And you know them. Each. But how to calculate them?

Many of the leaders after a visit to the various trainings already entangled in numerous «psychological types of personalities», from «lazy smoker» to «medium-working careerist». All these pseudo-«psychotypes» was coined only by psychologists. It was done perhaps to his image to complicate the subject and create an opportunity to earn your bread with caviar, making a smart appearance.

In fact, everything is much easier. The research is fully confirmed by the fact that there are two main types of people: focusing on building and aimed at the destruction.

You can apply it right now. If a person tries to do its job by any means and if it seeks to ensure that all the streams flowed in the organization, information is transmitted, etc., then this person in order to build.

And if you want to find the murderer turn the opposite and you will get a full portrait - such a person can explain why something cannot to be done and stop any flow and communication. He may constantly harp about the fact that everything must be done perfectly but he not to move a finger that something was actually done before the end until the desired result! It is «in good order» and «very good for us» criticizes production staff - and he is a murderer!

It seems unlikely that such behavior is at least one person could lead to disastrous consequences? It seemed to me too until the three men collapsed company of 500 employees and turnover of more than 80 million euros with a very sad ending.

Think! The entire organization lives is solely and exclusively by the fact that people, money, documents and goods are moved. They move. And anyone who stops the flow inside the company destroying it. This is fundamental difference. And only one can you prevent this is to apply this - often managers think about these destructive «Well, they are unlikely to specifically...» If you think so then give these people a chance to destroy your own company and even monthly pay them for that money.

The truth is that none of these people does not make it «by chance», every destructive operation is carried out consciously. It is hard to believe. And due to this destructive work continues for your back.

You can fairly accurately estimate how much effort someone has made the destruction of your company, just appreciating the fact of your efforts you are making that case came and went as expected. The same efforts have made these types in order to stop the development of the company.

Just do this exercise and you will get some idea.

Perhaps this was not before. When you receive any staff to work the situation began to change in the direction of deterioration?

Do not rush to conclusions and gather information to start.

Those who cause you have suspicions you can quite easily check asking them how they would deal with any problem. And if the essence of the answer will be to stop so he is caught. And if the essence of the answer will be similar to the search for ways those things went give full support to such staff member and you may be able to forget about the invented words such as, for example, «crisis». It would be nice to learn at first glance to determine the type of employee, don't you? This is greatly help everyone in any company.

The purpose of my article is not a complete training you all the techniques of detection of these «hired killers» on the staff of your company. I just want to show you where to look to identify sources of problems and stops and to demonstrate the importance of this much of these data in practice will depend on your decisions and the willingness to experiment. 

Get practice with these data and looks, in a year or two we will hear about you as the most successful gurus of our time to solve any problems in any company. Because you sit on the chest of gold and now you have a real golden key.

I wish you success and prosperity!

Dmitry Ryzhov, Business Consultant Central training company



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