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The director of a publishing house «Helion» Dmitry Rizaev: the difficulties trapping initiative people, wishing to open their business. Печать E-mail

1. The good idea is extremely useful. And it is better, that them was a little besides one. It is necessary to choose one from them and to consider under different foreshortenings.

Then another and a third of them. And, at last, you can stop on the most attractive. It should be excluded. Up to you for certain already someone has thought over it and realized. So think further.

2. Illusions. You can have possible illusion your service or the goods is claimed. It is necessary to find the niche to study it and to plan of action. The economic component of the project should be reckoned well enough. Any new project is a risk, risk of a failure, loss. If you are afraid of it – you should to search for other ways to earn on a better life.

3. Where to take money to becoming and development? I have release out the first number of “The Constructing NORTH magazine” on my personal money. I simply took it off from a card. I had no other way out. Advertizers were not ready to go to the first unknown magazine, naturally. They have decided not to risk - and I understand them. I am would not go to new edition too. And then little by little my business began to move forward.

4. Despondency. Unfortunately, we are sometimes inclined to give in to this sin. And I had such attempts. But adherents stopped these tendencies in time. Your confidence of success should be a core of you, you should move as an asphalt skating rink from mountain - all over again slowly, and then all is faster and faster. And nobody already can stop you on your way to success.

5. People. Adherents. In any organization there is a skeleton, a basis around of which all goes. All others will come and leave. And these people will stay. Then others will adjoin them and there will be to develop a collective that is a fan of business.

6. Ordering tasks. The program a maximum and the program a minimum. Strategy of development of the enterprise should provide capture of the market as a minimum of city, area, Northwest Federal district of Russia, the countries of Scandinavia, and also Finland. And differently and to undertake does not cost. And it refers to as ambitions. Good business - ambitions. But they should be confirmed with certain attributes of that you move in a correct direction. It is considered one of these attributes is presence of some sums on your account, arrived from clients. Your goods mean is claimed also to someone are necessary.

7. Advertising. Development of the enterprise provides your goods are claimed, however while clients are not present. They will not be, if they do not know where it is necessary to call and buy what they need. It means, that advertising is necessary for you. You should to decide - where, it is your task. All depends on your budget. Most expensive and more effective way is TV and radio. But for beginner it is too expensive. We can turn to the printed MASS-MEDIA, leaflets in transport and booklets in places of mass visiting your potential clients. Here operates the rule – if you want to receive, it is necessary to give all over again.

The list of questions can be continued. This theme is very interesting to all who starts their own business. I hope to continue next time. Likely we shall discuss a role of the public professional organizations if it will be interesting to somebody. I wait for responses.

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