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A. DEMENTJEV Storvik & Co AS

Storvik & Co is a leading in its segment management consulting company from Norway with a focus on international business development in the Russian oil and gas market.

Storvik & Co have been successfully operating in the Russian market for over 11 years and is present in Oslo, Hammerfest, Kirkenes and Murmansk.

Since early 2003 Storvik & Co. as a consultant, has been assisting the Norwegian oil and gas company Hydro in planning and implementing the "Supplier Development Project in North-West Russia" with the following objectives:

• to map and identify potential suppliers from Arkahngelsk and Murmansk regions;
• to motivate them for starting early preparations for the forthcoming development of oil and gas industry in this region;
• to render practical assistance to suppliers in the preparation process.

Local supplier industry in the North West Russia has undoubtedly considerable business opportunities due to the following main factors:
• Russian Government announced significant acceleration in exploration and development of hydrocarbon resources on the Arctic shelf; Prirazlomnoye oil field is already under development. The development of huge Shtokman gas field is expected to commence within the next 3 years;
? If the oil and gas projects in this region will be developed on PSA terms there will be rigid requirements for certain percentage of national content of supplies;
? If Norwegian oil and gas companies will participate in the development of the Russian part of the Arctic shelf this will create considerable opportunities for Russian supplies of products and services to the projects on the Norwegian continental shelf;
? Active participation of the Norwegian oil & gas industry in the development of the Russian Arctic shelf will positively influence process of the Russian/Norwegian negotiations on the disputed area in the Barents Sea. It is expected that this area contain considerable hydrocarbon resources. The achieved agreement will trigger considerable investments from both counties and will lead to increasing volume of supplies from the Russian side.

By analysing the experience of Norway we can already today forecast that the development of the Shtokman gas field will call for over 1500 new working places directly related to offshore facilities. There will be need for over 70 supplier companies in the region with over 5000 employees.

Operations of the field will require supplies of products and services for USD 100-600 mill, a year.
However, the potential suppliers of the North West Russia face today a multitude of challenges, such as:

? Lack of offshore development experience;
? Profile of the local industry doesn't folly meet requirements in terms of range and categories of products and services;
• Considerable needs for investments in modernisation and upgrading of production facilities;
• Lack of competence in such areas as project management- quality assurance, HSE management in accordance with the international practice;
• Absence of common pre-qualification and tendering systems;
• Differences in regulations, practices and management.

We believe that the following two tasks shall become prioritized in the North West Russia:

1. To help local suppliers to increase their COMPETITIVE LEVEL.

2. To develop and establish efficient PROCUREMENT SYSTEM in О & G sector.

Central and regional authorities should intensify dialogue with oil and gas companies motivating them to initiate and invest in special programs with a focus on practical assistance to local industry and social development of the region.

Such assistance may, for example, include internationalization of the local industry (partner search), involvement of local suppliers in other projects in Russia and abroad, development of trainee programs for young professionals and managers, screening and pre-qualification of potential suppliers, establishment of specialized competence development center and other concrete measures.

On the other hand, authorities should render active support to the market actors who demonstrate approach based on high social responsibility and strong involvement in development of local supplier industry.

We also hope that the Russian and international oil & gas companies operating in Russia will in the nearest time commence dialogue on establishment of a joint qualification system and agree on how to:

- unite proprietary supplier registers;
- motivate own suppliers to join the joint system;
- agree upon common qualification criteria;
- provide mandatory submission of information on planned procurement, contracts, tenders, etc.
- support operation of the joint system.

Such joint qualification system will:

- make local suppliers visible to oil & gas industry decision makers;
- minimize pre-qualification and procurement management expenses;
- enable fast and effective search of potential suppliers;
- increase national content through visibility of local capacity;
- create a channel for international exposure of local industry;
- identify potential co-operation partners;
- standardize pre-qualification and tender processes;
- help to monitor contract opportunities and the Russian content in total supplies;
- create e-marketplace for promoting products and services.

The Nonvegian/Intemational joint qualification system "Achilles" may serve here as a model for further development in this area.

But all the above mentioned measures will certainly not help if the local potential suppliers themselves will not clearly see their opportunities and need for urgent actions. We have the following advise to potential suppliers who want to WIN: "Don't wait! The time for long-term mentality has come. Study market opportunities. Develop for your company clear business strategies related to O&G. Search experienced, professional strong partner. Immediately start planning of facilities upgrade for oil & gas projects. Start training of your personnel already today. Certify quality management systems in accordance with ISO, implement HSE management systems in compliance with the international practice.



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