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The economic situation for everybody is still difficult. Those who understand the subject «Administration» has left the crisis behind and took up the lost speed. Those who do not understand it - are learning. Those who «think you know» but in fact little understood in the management of people and businesses continue to unsettle, to feel uncertainty and lose money in the form of lost profits. I know this state - I once imagined that the understanding of human beings. And when I really learned to understand them I was astonished as I was far from the truth.

So, everything is as it should be, in its precise laws. No special surprises.

This article that I found in each company, where there is a downturn, among other reasons. Problems with the advertising, organizational circuit, supply, marketing - all of which may or may not be. But those things are going it is always in those organizations where revenues fell by a lower level. 

Here are two basic causes of the problems:

1. There is no recruitment 
2. There is no technology training people work their posts.

In management technology of L. Ron Hubbard is a term as «hat». The term means the functions and status of rights in the organization - as a «chair» Executive Director or «portfolio» Minister. But do not say «chair» cleaners or «chair» suppliers. Need has been a term that would be universal. Hubbard legitimized slang word, which was used by members of his organization - «hat». He descended from hats of various services (military, firefighters, pilots, etc.), which form headdress indicates the position held and responsibilities. Incidentally, the word «hat» is called dignity of the cardinal - along the lines of «portfolio» - «scarlet hat».

Subsequently «hat» is called not only the position in the organization but all training and instructional materials, which could be considered work in this post so that it perform brilliantly. This «hat» is to «posts», which only describe the duties of office for failure to which a person is found guilty and that almost nothing can help the employee. A hat contains the description of all technologies and all the successful actions of the office for which it was written that allows you to really raise the qualifications. This is a textbook on the work at a particular workplace.

A hat is made only on the basis of successful action, describing not the opinions but realities that have led to achieve results in specific circumstances earlier. With the emergence of new situations and new ways of action hat replenished and adjusted until it reaches almost perfect condition. This hat is called a «complete hat». It is unusually but very understandable.

Yes, and there is no value in terms of serious, if they do not lead to profits. Personally, I prefer to lightly title «hat» because no one has ever invented anything better.

This is incidentally not just my opinion. In the book «The social and corporate policy», which studied at the Academy of National Economy under the President of the Russian Federation, there is a section on job descriptions. It lists a dozen approaches to the creation of instruction and materials, and said that the best is «hat» method of L. Ron Hubbard. And further provides not only a citation and include an entire article of L. Ron Hubbard which describes the technology of creation and maintenance of hats.

The term «hat» has become so accustomed to those uses Hubbard's work that is perceived as a standard, and even academic.

If you go back to the above items, the training is conducted on the materials covered positions that people took.

Take a large organization, a network of affiliates that includes our entire beautiful planet. "McDonald's, IKEA, Metro, Wal-Mart" and so on. They did not just «job». Their job is much more like the material «hats» L. Ron Hubbard. Yes and no wonder - the technology exists hats since 1951, there have been studies on hundreds of thousands of people.

When we, the consultants association of WISE, doing analysis of the reasons for stopping the activity or inhibition of projects in an organization we use a list of the most common problems that can cause a stop. There is a few dozen points. 

And there is this point “there are no hats.” Following the discovery of the item we will not go further because this situation is the root of evil. First, it should be settled and only then we will see what there is more.

Failures in paragraph 2 above ("lack of human learning technologies for their work") occur because the manager had made the following errors (perhaps he simply did not know that this is to be done but it is not justified):

1. There were written training program for subordinates in the form of a list of instructions to be considered, as well as practical exercises for each instruction. Submissions should be included in these programs on the principle of gradualism from simple to complex. Such programs for training are called "checklist". In the checklist should be enough material to people from scratch to learn the job at a high professional level.

2. Didn’t make a compilation of guidance, training and resource materials in accordance with the checklist for each of the subordinates.

3. Don’t organize the process of learning the material in accordance with the checklist.

To do all this the head himself should be trained. If business owners want more inspiration the ability to create a working idea, intuition and personal finance as a leader and a manager without learning is like castrated bull - is suitable only for heavy work or for meat.

Of course, if the owner of the business itself is still leader he must not overlook the fact of attention. Do not forget that these are two quite different positions in the business - the owner and the manager. I wrote about this in the article "The Dreamer and the teamster."

Some tearing disease “movement of staff from the post at the Post”, which makes them unstable and unhappy as well as a cause of unnecessary redundancies. Often the problem is not workers and leaders that do not provide the above training. The study of Marxism-Leninism, dialectical materialism and the history of ancient Russia is not part of the hat. They included only data on the specialty needed immediately for duty.

This is what is written on this subject at the L. Ron Hubbard in the instruction, which is called the "vital information about the hat":

"... A successful manager - is a leader who:

1. Understand what the organization;

2. Understands his own hat, has a checklist and a set of materials on this hat and he knows them;

3. Understands that he is in danger if not to ensure that his staff were checking on the hat, checklists and kits.


Thus, employees of department personnel, if you want to know who you are is a potential leader, find someone who:

1. Trained. 
2. Successfully produced by himself. 
3. Obtain from their subordinates that they had hats, checklists and kits. 
4. Train their subordinates on the materials listed in paragraph 3.

... The organization, which dilapidate or disappears, usually:

1. Inadequate staff; 
2. Not organized; 
3. Not trained.

Regardless of where on the command line (in the hierarchy) is a manager, if he does not care about the hat and on the complete training of his subordinates you will get a complete collapse.

Explore ... any entity in which people do not stay and you will find that there are not enough people or that people are not trained in it. And you certainly will find a leader who does not wish to train their staff to ensure that they were hats and posts on this hat is audited. 
The solution is obvious.

You may say - yes we have the majority of organizations and they are alive! Where have you seen the hats? I saw.

And not only in companies formally applying the technology of Hubbard. As a rule I saw the hats in large companies with a developed network of branches. Or in the not very large companies that are in crisis and successfully stand in the legs and where incomes are so high that staff receive very good compensation.

Many managers do not know how it should be organized to work with briefing materials and training. But the most are clever. And, as a rule, they intuitively already had done something like that.

I have customers who do not know about Hubbard and hat, had a good guidance for key employees, based on the successful action and which was organized by a semblance of training on these guidelines. And these people do not have big problems with money. For me it is very logical.

How well developed on this issue so you get rid of problems with staff and problems with money.

And we can help you with this. One of the services, which provide consultants WISE on a high professional level - that is hats construction and inner learning process. So, if you need professional help to do it as quickly as possible - welcome.

Do you want your income to grow more than 100% per year? Take what I wrote in this article. And do not “brake motor”.

Vadim Malchikov, Founder of Central training company



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