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The international seminar devoted to “Cooperation between Russia and Canada on offshore gas and oil fields” took place in the framework of International Forum SEVTEK (Northern energy complex).

The organizer of the seminar was the exhibition and inter-regional activity office of the economic development department of the Murmask Region. The Embassy of Canada in Moscow, the Autonomous Non-commercial Organization “MurmanEKSPOcentr” of the union of industrialists and businessmen of the Murmansk Region were the co organizers.

At the seminar were present: Deputy Administrator for Economic Development of the Murmansk Region Viktor Gorbunov, Councilor for Commercial and Economic Issues of the Embassy of Canada Steve Basadur, Minister of Industry, Transportation and Power System of the Murmansk Region Sergei Leys, the representative of the Ministry of External Affairs of Canada in the province Newfoundland Kate Warren, the Minister of Natural Recourses and Ecology of the Murmansk Region Aleksei Smirnov, the representatives of Canadian and Russian enterprises and others.

Giving the opening speech, the Deputy Administrator for Economic Development of the Murmansk Region Viktor Gorbunov expressed hope about the further cooperation between the Murmansk Region and the province of Canada also he expressed the desire that the transporting sea corridor “Arctic bridge” will work more actively between ports of Murmansk and Churchill in Canada. According to Viktor Gorbunov the cooperation in mining operations in the offshore zones and the usage of arctic transporting sea corridors connecting the North America with Asia and Europe are far-reaching.

The Councilor for Commercial and Economic Issues of the Embassy of Canada Steve Basadur thanked the government of the Murmansk Region for cooperation. He also emphasizes the importance of the “Arctic bridge” project. Speaking about the purposes of the visit, Steve Basadur stressed the idea that enterprises of Canada are ready to cooperate with Russia not only on the oil and gas fields but also in the mineral resource industry and in other activities.

The Minister of Industry, Transportation and Power System of the Murmansk Region Sergei Leys spoke about the interest of the Murmansk Region in the team-work with provinces of Canada and in realization of future plans. One of the directions of the joint work is resources development of the Arctic shelf. The Shtokman gas-condensate field is the most studied one and the Murmansk Region will become the main region that will develop and use it. Construction of several huge industrial objects will take place for realization of that project, they are: a pipeline for gas transportation, a factory for LNG production, and terminals for transferring oil and oil products and others.

Since 2002 the offshore transfer complexes have been transferring oil products. But that was a temporary measure. Because of the unique geographical location and merits of the Murmansk port the decision has been made about the development of the Murmansk transport knot. The main cargo is oil of the Arctic. That’s why the construction of coastal oil transfer complexes is planning. One of those complexes will be built on the river Lavna. «Sintez» group is the investor. Murmansk Transport Knot is planning to develop the railway system, the system of highways in Murmansk, the electro system economy for providing places of economic growth with energy.

The economy and infrastructure of the Murmansk Region are based on the usage and production of natural resources. That’s why it has a big influence on the environment. The Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Murmansk Region Aleksei Smirnov introduced ecological problems including transport of oil to the participants of the seminar and emphasized that the strategic aim for all the enterprises is protection of the environment.

«Sprung Instant Structures Ltd» Alex Patrakov, «OCEANING CONSULTING CORPORATION» Kate Warren, «Northgate Industries Limited» Eric Leduk, «SEL Industries Ltd» Mark Tailor, «Foremost Industries» Yuri Gorpinich were the companies that represented their service. The Canadian participants of the seminar expressed their desire to work with Russian partners.

The Canadian companies offer the following service for joint cooperation:

· project development for arctic and subarctic conditions;

· production of collapsible constructions used in oil and gas industry for assembling storage rooms, workshops, coversfor gas-compressor stations, covered passages, field canteens, cabins, etc.

· production and supply of modular constructions starting from dwelling trailers for industrial purposes and buildings and cities for temporary living and ending with more serious complexes, for example office buildings, schools and medical centers.

· engineering development, production and the turnkey installation of remote fuel systems (transport, filtering, storage) for severe climatic conditions with capacity from 2 thousands till 10 million tons, the system of propellant farm Terra Tank;

· production of various carrier, drilling rigs, deposit units and equipment for oil and gas industry, construction, water wells, minerals development, geophysical industry and protection of the environment.

The seminar ended with intercourse of Russian and Canadian specialists.

Written by Olga Gaidykova

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