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In recent times, I have to traveling a lot around the Russian Federation and meet with business owners and creators from many different cities. I help them to deal with what is happening and suggests a simpler and solve faster situation in their business. In general, like "kind grandfather."

Through this I have a fairly clear picture of what did happen in the country. On this point, I’m very pleased to note that it’s getting better step-by-step. People are beginning to move away from the first shock and begin to act more meaningfully without hysterics that is competently supported by television and the media.

When dealing with the real business of the founders of Vladivostok, Siberia, the Urals and the Altai, my present understanding is what is the real threat concerned people and poses a to their development and survival.

We live in challenging times. There are many lies and this is particularly the case for such a complex area of finance. Sometimes I feel like we have in the world, this sector has been in the hands of professional liars with their favorite saying: "twist and twirl, cheat you want!"

I believe that it is already bother therefore, I want to share a few thoughts on the subject, put a few things from head to feet, make some certainty and order. And, of course, I want to dispel some long false data beloved by Pinocchio of all times and peoples.

False, the N 1. The money is the most important! With different variations, such as "money evil wins!", "It will be money to investigate the rest!" etc. This is not true. You are more important than money. Because you can create something valuable, which in return receive money. A cup of delicious coffee is more important than money, it is obvious.

Money - what is used to exchange values. When they do not treated properly there are problems with them. This problem occurs in humans (but not money) and people posed the problems (rather than money). Wrappers, paper, which we call the money by itself can not create anything. And we can. This is a big difference. 

False, the N 2. You cannot do business without a loan. By this teach children to school and students in the institute. Moneylenders, rentier or bankers invented this delusion to deceive Pinocchio and preying on the compound interest promising them a lot of jackets for Father Carlo.

Me, like many entrepreneurs who started their business in the 90's, built my company initially without credit. I simply could not have them. Not quite exactly, the bandits were giving money to a duty and calling on the unregulated interest. So, many of those who gave such "loans" and those who take them eventually helped to build their case workers cemetery and funeral music.

I, like the village people could never understand the benefits. "You take strangers at the time and committed your own and interest." What has not tried to ask me to explain what is the catch - take the money in debt at interest the maximum that I heard in response: "You do not know" and "Big business is done through the credits and everybody know this!"

In my opinion, everything is easier. If you have a really good idea for business, it immediately starts to generate income. If its implementation needs money you think how they earn. It is easier and more reliable.

At one time I was very pleased to find confirmation of his thoughts from one of the most sane people of this century L. Ron Hubbard: "It is always the easiest way to earn money."

In my opinion, the credit is akin to alcohol dependence. A man accustomed to and starting from the hinge. A careful look at the businesses shows that businesses have been built on credit is the most severely affected by the crisis. And, in principle, they are not very stable.

If you calculate how much the business owner pays the bank and how much it spends on itself, we can notice that the business income of the bank has more than the creator and one who for 12-14 hours a day hardly work for the development of the business. It is much more quitrent for business than when the nobles get from their farmers' terrible 10%. " Imagine if 10% of your personal income you give the bank because he supports you and protects. That would be not much. In reality, the situation is often the reverse - the bank charges of up to 90% of net income of the company and the owner of the payment - 10%.

This is an expensive fee for a desire to cut off the angle rather than spend a little more time, ideas and efforts and did earn, rather than take responsibility. To have a fun for their own much better! I hope you agree with this.

This is the beginning. If you stop to build straw houses a crisis wind will not endure them. Of course, I would like to know how to build a business without credit. I understand that desire. Ask those who built without credits.

Vladimir Kusakin



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