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“The Industrial NORTH magazine” was founded with support of the Union of industrialists and businessmen (employers) of Murmansk area in June 2006. The purpose – rendering of support to an industrial complex, construction, small and average business of Murmansk area.

The specialized magazine in English – “The Industrial NORTH magazine” was released by publishing house "Helion" to an exhibition «SEVTEK 2006». This edition has been completely devoted to problem and questions of development and extraction of hydrocarbons on a shelf of the Russian Arctic regions. The magazine reflected for informing foreign participants on the enterprises – members Non Commercial Organization "Murmanshelf", their activity and offers to cooperation.

On the basis of this magazine publishing house "Helion" plans to release “The Industrial NORTH magazine” in English for distribution inside the countries of Scandinavia and in Finland. This edition will constantly inform the foreign reader on an economic situation in Murmansk area, about leading enterprises of Murmansk area and Northwest of Russia and much more till now remains outside of a field of vision of business - community of our nearest neighbours.
In turn, all interested foreign companies and other participants of economic life of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland can express their point of view on pages of Russian editions “The Industrial NORTH magazine” and «The Constructing NORTH magazine» intended for the enterprises and the organizations of an industrial and building complex of Murmansk area.

Thus, Publishing House "Helion" by mutual publications can organize high-grade information interchange between the interested domestic and foreign partners, and also to promote development and strengthening of economy of Northwest of Russia and the countries of Barents-region.
Publishing House "Helion" is ready to discuss item of cooperation and about accommodation of your materials in our magazines, both as article and as the advertising module.

The annual exhibition «SEVTEK-2010» (Northern power complex) will pass in Murmansk, Russia (30 September – 2 October 2010). The full spectrum of the Russian and foreign companies and firms of various kinds of activity in the oil&gas complex will be presented here.

Exhibition «SEVTEK – 2010» sections

- Development Shtokman oil&gas deposits;
- Extraction, processing, storage and oil and gas transportation;
- Research works and technologies;
- Geological prospecting;
- The process equipment and special equipment;
- Energy saving, power supply: generating, transfer and energy consumption;
- Building and reconstruction;
- Preservation of the environment;
- Protective and saving means;
- Manpower;
- Investments, financing of projects, equipment leasing;
- Insurance;
- Bank services.

We offer correspondence participation in an exhibition «SEVTEK – 2010» to any company by placing their information in «The Industrial NORTH magazine» in Russian. In the magazine will be information for Russian and foreign firms-participants of the forum. And inside the edition we will tell about your services to everybody in the exhibition centre. Thus, you can find partners in business and also estimate competitors’ activity.
The magazine with your advertisement will be sent to your company after the termination of exhibition. «The Industrial NORTH magazine» circulation for an exhibition «SEVTEK-2010» is 5 000 copies.

The information on the companies which have concluded the contract on the publication in magazine will be placed on our the Internet-portal helion-ltd.ru

There are companies from Norway (Statoil, Ramboll, Reinertsen), France (Total), Canada, Scotland and Russia (Shtokman Development, Murmansk Shipping Co) and others already registered for participation in an exhibition.

The special editions of “The Industrial NORTH magazine” was successfully distributed among heads and experts both foreign and the Russian companies at an exhibition "SEVTEK-2006", «SEVTEK-2007», «SEVTEK-2008», «SEVTEK-2009», «The Sea.Resources.Technologies-2007(2008, 2009, 2010», in Murmansk.

Publishing House "Helion" is ready to conclude the contract about cooperation and about accommodation of materials in our magazine, both as article and as the advertising module.

Your consent to cooperation will help strengthening of image and positions of your organisation not only in Russia but also behind its limits.

Here(NOK) and here(EURO) you can find information about our prices

The founder and the publisher of “The Industrial NORTH magazine” and «The Constructing NORTH magazine»
Dmitry E. Rizaev , the “Helion LTD.” Director

You may call to us in Murmansk (Russia) by the phone: +7 9633610201
or e-mail: helion_murmansk@mail.ru
Our address: Russia , 183032, Murmansk

To attention of our visitors!

Since the present moment you can read Russian language materials in our web-site on any of the herein provided languages: English, Arabian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Norwegian and other languages.
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If you have desire to place information of noncommercial character on our site – we are ready to accept it. Our conditions:

1. The information should correspond to subjects of our Internet - portal

2. The information should be given either in English or in Russian languages.

3. The author and a source of data and their sanction to the publication should be specified.

The commercial information is published for a payment.



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