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Perhaps the title of the article seems to you some pompous. It reminds Hindu “source of eternal pleasure.” But we will not sing "Hare Krishna". We'll talk about how the manager or owner of the business to manage people effectively.

That's what I tell you - make them happy and they will follow you through fire and water. The best of them, of course.

Let's look at the anatomy of happiness. I have a medical background, I like to dissect and dissect everything. Thus, it is the definition:

"Happiness - is to overcome the perceived barriers to the perceived goal. And if we talk about a fleeting condition, receiving pleasure or anticipation of it."

This definition of happiness gave L. Ron Hubbard, the man who created the most elaborated in the history of mankind technology business

management (2500 articles in 12 volumes) and with resounding success applied it in practice. Hubbard founded the organization increased its production figures for the last year several times and that 20 years after the death of the founder!

Let us take another look at this definition. By the way, you agree with him? I completely. When you have an exciting goal and you have to deal with a barrier to it, there is a very strong stress. And to overcome this barrier is a real happiness.

Please, remember your first kiss or the first your contract with a good customer. The term complex project performed in the time. Recovering lost property. Or when you just bought something that you really wanted but there were difficulties.

Remember how you learned to drive a bicycle or a car? The moment when the first did not work and then it became easy. It was a joy - for someone great others less. But it is happiness.

Or fun. Achieve the love of who you roads. Climb a mountain, to jump, sailing out to sea. Eat in the restaurant denying nothing. Simply start neighing with friends from the soul, to see a great movie. And do you remember your favorite team won?

All these moments of happiness and all that is in the definition of L. Ron Hubbard has led for the first time in 1950 in his book "Dianetics - The Modern Science of Mind.

Does a person in life experience, one after the other moments of happiness? Course.

Every person has a purpose. Most people do not articulate them but they each have. How to find this purpose? If you find that activity, the thought of which causes human happiness, it will be the path to the goal.

Some would say that the greatest pleasure he gets “from the rest.” This is unfortunate because it is talking about one thing - people not involved in his business and he turned off the road. And the cessation of activities that no longer brings pleasure - of course it is happiness. Why not deal with its objectives better and not do that really brings him joy? For recreation - it's just lack of creativity. If you have a sore and it was - you will experience a kind of happiness. If you very tired of work, all work will be associated with pain and its end will bring happiness. In this case I have bad news for you - you do not live their lives.

And you do not go to your goals. What's sad.

If you become a source of happiness for others then those people will reach for you. I want you to have fared well. If these are your employees they will want to make you more money.

How to do this technically? People have their own goals. They are hidden under a pile of everyday problems. If you talk to them you will see that their lives are very complicated. You will see that they are very serious about their problems. And you will see that this is another job of work - to dig down to the fact that this person believes happiness.

For some it's family and children. For someone it's his hobby. For some it is religion. For others - sport. Goals may be a few and they can be mixed and chaotic. Yes, quite forgotten - for the most loyal people to you the goal will be their work.

You must give people a goal which also affects the goals that these people consider important for themselves, which cause strong emotions. Until

tears in his eyes, you know? Help them overcome the obstacles to these goals. The best way to do it - teach them to do it themselves. When they can themselves to overcome the most difficult barrier with your help they to overflow two emotions - pride in themselves and thanks to you.

There will always be critics, saboteurs and other radishes. From a small part of the staff have to get rid of but they are a minority.

For example, you can make a game for the staff in which the prize will be something that will help them to overcome a particular barrier to their goals. I do not write the specifics as the goals are different. For some this will be a new straight through muffler on his motorcycle. For some, it will be the operation relative in the prestigious clinic.

You have to communicate with people on the souls, you see?

And yet - the whole purpose of the company should be so well thought out so that they cover the maximum number of spheres of life and benefit from them. L. Ron Hubbard calls it “an equation an optimal solution.” The aim should be to solve the problem, it should be useful to a large number of spheres of life and it should not be banal.

To do this trick you should be able to very holistic look at their true purpose and to be wholeheartedly positive person. "Everybody smile" and "be all polite" through force, as advised Dale Carnegie - a sure path to depression and the inevitable explosion. Your positive should go from the soul (to achieve this we set ourselves in our service, "Power amplifier head" - and always achieve it).

Integrity and honesty in order to allow you to speak the truth without fear of offending. As in the complete and honest truth to the negative is very small. If you are afraid to tell people the truth because the truth can hurt them - you're tuned into a critical. "Power Amplifier Head" takes you to a far more happy and positive frame of mind, you will be able to see more good in people and lead them to happiness is sincere. And then we obtain, as in the anecdote, when a person comes to therapy.

- At that complaining?

- Doctor, I for some reason nobody likes. Maybe you can help me nasty, old man?

If your goal is “a purely cut the dough” then imagine that your employees are fully share. Where they will "cut dough"? Most of them are likely out of your pocket. So to give people a good purpose is in your best interest. You see, I do not write for those who want to have slaves. None of the slave system has not survived.

And the next most important item is to give them the opportunity to see how this intersects with the major goal for them too. And you should see it.

And you should help them overcome the obstacle to the goal.

You understand what it means - to make them happy?

Vadim Malchikov, owner of “Central training company”



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