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The price-list on advertising services of “The Industrial NORTH” and “The Constructing NORTH” magazines

Arrangement of the moduleThe size, mmPrice
1-st a cover155Х23012996 NOK
2-nd cover 210Х29711610 NOK
1/2 of 2-nd cover210Х1457188 NOK
3-rd cover210Х29712432 NOK
1/2 of 3-rd cover210Х1456808 NOK
4-th cover210Х29713096 NOK
1/2 of 4-th cover210Х1458008 NOK
Internal strip behind 2-nd cover210Х29710656 NOK
Internal strip before 3-rd cover210Х2979586 NOK
1/1 strips inside the edition190Х2708516 NOK
1/2 strips inside the edition190Х1335260 NOK

Manufacturing of an original - breadboard model - 1368 NOK.
Completion of your variant - 662 NOK .

Cost of accommodation of paid article in our edition corresponds to the similar advertising module, the size not less than 1/2 pages. The margin for work of the journalist is 10 %.
Discounts – 10% from two pages total price
- 10% from total price of three publications
- 15% from total price up to six publications
Discounts are not summarized

The article translation is carried out according to the separate price-list

You may call us in Murmansk (Russia) by the phone
+7911-3032303 +7 8152-25-34-93 or
E-mail: helion_murmansk@mail.ru , helion-chif@mail.ru
Our address: 183032, Murmansk, Kola ave, 27a, # 41,

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