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Olenegorsk Mechanical Plant which has powerful founding and metal-working industrial base, is situated in the very centre of the Kola Peninsula on a comfortable transport crossing of railway and automobile roads, 90 km away from the Murmansk Trade Sea Port.

It celebrated its anniversary -35 years-in May 2006.This date is significant because not all plants of the same age were able to go through the difficult years of Perestroika. OMP withstood.

Vladimir Boglaev was appointed as a general manager of the enterprise in July,2006. He knew specific character of the Kola Peninsula because he had worked as a financial manager of «BELAZ».He understood how important it was to renew cooperation with large-scale ore-mining and processing enterprises. He has great experience of taking enterprises out of crises: Cherepovetz foundry mechanical plant was revived when under his control.

Today the governing body of OMP sets the collective a task to reach the level of production of 40 million rubles a month and even higher from the year 2007. It must lead to the profitable not less than 7 %.By the way, during the last 5 months the capacity of the plant is 26 million rubles.

The main production of JSC OMP consists of –spare parts and non-standard equipment for mining and smelting enterprises for the whole north-west of Russia. Three workshops are the basis of the manufacture of the enterprise.

First of all it is a foundry. Its capacity allows to cast 20 thousand tons of goods made of steel and cast-iron and 1, 2 thousand tons of goods made of non-ferrous alloys. The foundry is equipped with steel melting arc furnaces , copper-melting furnaces and thermo-electric furnaces.

The molding of small and medium shaped castings is done on the mechanized line of machine-made molding and the molding of large shaped castings is done in caissons. There is powerful cleaning equipment in the foundry. Mechanical assembly department is able to manufacture up to 4200 tons of details a year. Its main technologies are - machine processing of details on the lathes
– milling 
– cog-milling, cog-crushing, cog-planing 
– boring of frame details 
– turning-revolving work 
– electro-contact processing 
– welding of titanium in the protective medium of argon and many others .

An atmosphere is animated in these workshops now-specific measures on accumulating their strength are being taken .But the department of metal construction, which produces up to 4800 tons of production a year is not less powerful. In the first place one can name such technologies as –cutting of metal-rolling by means of guillotine cutters - longitudinal gas cutting of sheets –shaped gas cutter of half-finished products - bending of sheets by means of sheet folding machines and other not less laborious operations. The production of OMP is competitive today. OMP returns to the markets of its customers.

The governing body of the enterprise thinks that they will be able to realize all the plans. The plant copes with the stated task successfully due to the support and understanding of the city administration and the governor of Murmansk region. Olenegorsk Mechanical Plant is aimed at victory and it invites all enterprises being interested in it to cooperation. The collective and the general manager Vladimir Boglaev personally congratulate the Union of manufactures and businessmen of Murmansk region with its anniversary and wish the colleagues prosperity, labour progress and close business partnership.


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