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Cooperation with North-western part of the Russian Federation and the Murmansk region in particular has currently begun more up-to-date and interesting for Norway.

Some hundreds and bilateral and one-sided projects being realized in political, economical, transport, humanitarian, social and other fields turned to be rather important nowadays.

Annually, number of Russian tourists interested in Norway for leisure and sport activities, shopping increases. Nevertheless, despite of very positive development in friendly contacts between two countries, Norwegian partners confess that enlargement of economic and political platforms of cooperation, as well as enforcement in international links and contacts do not seriously assist the Norwegian business' assimilation at the "Russian land". 
Norwegian politicians, diplomats, businessmen, NGO staff members together with their Russian partners and others interested in creation of positive cooperative climate between Norway and Russia met on the 2. February in Murmansk ( "Ledokol" Club, "Park Inn Polyarnie Zori Hotel").

The meeting was initiated by the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC), with participation of Russian North-Western Chamber of Commerce, Norwegian Consulate General in Murmansk with financial support from "SIVA" and "Innovation Norway".

Norwegian and Russian experts exchanged their views on international business and investments: Jarle Forbord, Jorn Tversett, Kristina Heuby, Knut Hennriksen, Anna Filina, Anatoly Glyshkov and others.

Knut Mugaas, Consul of the Norwegian Consulate general, informed about coming events recently planned by the Norwegian Ministry of foreign affairs at the territory of the Murmansk region.

The final part of the meeting was devoted to barriers and challenges met by Norwegian business in Russia. Despite the number of challenges, Norwegian businessmen continue contesting for the Russian market and fight with bureaucracy described by Soviet Russian authors - Ilf and Petrov in their works of late 30s.

Most of Russian and Norwegian participants spoke about lack of business traditions in Russia preventing the foreign companies from successful realization of their business-projects there.

Reports' presentation gave way to "face-to-face" communication. Participants shared their experience of work in Russia and abroad, exchanged their opinions on prospects of Norway-Russian cooperation in 2012 and discussed the opportunities of joint decision-making between two neighboring countries, set a plan of joint working sessions in future.

Borisof Dmitriy



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