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This year the Union of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs (Employers) of the Murmansk region celebrates its 15th anniversary.

It was a difficult period for both the country and our Kolsky region. The past years could be called the time of endless reforms and changes, the time that required making important decisions. These decisions ensured a stable dynamic development of the regional economy in the long run. They ensured the appearance of necessary prerequisites for the achievement of balance of interests of employers, the state and the employees.

The people creating the material fundament of our economy, consolidating big-, medium- and small-scale businesses and, as a result, the whole society, have made a significant contribution to this common cause, the contribution that can’t be overestimated.

The fortune of the Union of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs of the Murmansk region knew different turns, but the Union continued living, it remained an alive, developing organism. And nowadays, new forces with new ideas and new approaches to actual economic and social problems join the Union.

I would like to underline a special role of the Union in the tripartite system of social partnership. The agreements that have been realized in the region since the year 1996 allowed us to influence legislative and administrative processes, to strengthen and to broaden the social dialogue in the region. They allowed to rise the significance of collective agreements and to create a safe basis for the protection of rights of the working people and for an effective cooperation of the regional authorities, entrepreneurs and trade unions.

Much has been done in order to create stable and mutually beneficial relations with colleagues from other regions of Russia and with colleagues from abroad. A significant support is given to entrepreneurs in their search of potential partners and by the preparation of perspective managerial staff. And here we can’t avoid such important and a completely special mission of the Union as the organization of inter-regional and international expositions, conferences and other presentation meetings of business people.

Your crowning achievement of these years is that you have not lost your face. You continue displaying an example of civilized, peaceful, thought-out, foreseeable, transparent and effective business, the business without ambitions and speculations.

I wish you new achievements in your uneasy, noble work, the work for our Homeland and for the Kola Arctic! I wish you good health, happiness and wellbeing!



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