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MSHU is one of the leading centers of scientific research in the Murmansk region. The area of scientific research, developing at the University, includes, mainly, Social Humanities and Pedagogical spheres.

For the 70 years of successful work the University has acquired a reputation as the institute of higher education which guaranties a competitive classic education of high quality.

In 2011 National Research University "Higher School of Economics" and RIA "Novosti" observed the quality of the enrollment in the institutes of higher education in Russian Federation. This work was ordered by the Public Chamber within the project "Public control of the procedures of enrollment in the institutes of higher education serving as a condition of equal access to the education".

According to the survey, MSHU was ranked as one of the best five state humanities universities with RSE pass mark 64,4. It took the 141th place out of 359 Russian state institutions of higher learning.

Humanities orientation of the University makes it possible to study the human in different fields of its activity such as spiritual, intellectual, moral, cultural or social field.

Also it gives the opportunity to extend the training sphere of bachelors and masters in the fields of :

√ Physics and Mathematics Education (with profile in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science)

√ Philological Education (with profile in the Russian Language and Literature, Foreign Language)

√ Pedagogy (with profile in Children's Practical Psychology, Technology of Training Specialists in Preschool Education, Methods of Teaching Foreign

Languages in Primary School)

√ Social Studies

√ Natural Studies

√ Economics and Management

√ Culture and Arts

√ Services Sector

Faculty of Philology, Journalism and Intercultural Communication is one of the oldest faculties of MSHU. It carries out bachelors, masters and post graduate students training of 11 areas of full-time tuition and tuition by correspondence:

Bachelor Degree Programs

√ Philological Education (with profile in the Russian Language and Literature, Foreign Language)

Specialist Degree Programs

√ Journalism

√ Foreign Language

√ Cultural Studies (with additional speciality Music Education)

√ Russian Language and Literature

Master Degree programs

Philological Education

√ specialized Master Program "Linguistic Education"

√ specialized Master Program "Methodic technologies in Philological Education"

√ specialized Master Program "Theory and practice of teaching intercultural communication in polyethnic (multiethnic) and polyethnic (multicultural) sphere"


√ specialized Master Program "Early teaching foreign languages in the sphere of intercultural communication"

Post-Graduate Studies

√ Russian Language

√ Theory and History of Culture (Study of Culture)

The Faculty cooperates with foreign universities, realizing international scientific research projects, joint academic programs of academic student and staff mobility.

MSHU International Partners


♦ - Consulate General of Finland, Murmansk Branch 
♦ - University of Lapland
♦ - Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences
♦ - University of Oulu
♦ - Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences
♦ - Jyvдskulд Polytechnic
♦ - Kajani University Consortium


♦ - Consulate General of Norway 
♦ - University of Tromsш
♦ - Norwegian Polar Institute, Tromsш
♦ - Adult Learning Center, Kirkenes
♦ - Finnmark University College, Alta
♦ - Barents-Institute, Kirkenes
♦ - Nordland University, Bodш
♦ - Nordland Research Institute, Bodш
♦ - Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research, Oslo


♦ - Consulate General of Sweden in Saint-Petersburg 
♦ - Luleе University of Technology
♦ - Piteе Media Center
♦ - "Kvinnoforum" Gender Management Institute, Stockholm
♦ - Swedish Institute
♦ - Stockholm Social Service


♦ - The U.S. Consulate General in St. Petersburg 
♦ - University of North Florida, Jacksonville


♦ - Humboldt University of Berlin 
♦ - Goethe Institute, St.Petersburg
♦ - Kiel High School
♦ - Bavaria Football Union


♦ - Consulate General of France in St. Petersburg 
♦ - NGO "Pointjeune", Normandy
♦ - Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry


♦ - Consulate General of Poland in St. Petersburg 
♦ - Szczecin University


♦ - Embassy of Belorussia in the RF, Murmansk branch 
♦ - Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno
♦ - Francysk Skaryna Homiel State University

The Netherlands

♦ - Consulate General of the Netherlands in St. Petersburg 
♦ - Groningen University

Czech Republic

♦ -  CAPRO team


There work 4 Philosophiae Doctors, Full Professors, 27 Philosophiae Doctors, Associate Professors at the Faculty.

Since 2000 till current there have been working professors from Sweden, Norway, France and Germany. 
2010 the Faculty has been realizing the international program " Bachelor of Northern Studies" for free jointly with University of Tromsш (Norway). This project is available since the second year and it is being held distantly at the initial stage. After the completion of the basic level 10 best students have an opportunity to receive a grant for the education in Norway remaining the students of the Faculty of Philology, Journalism and Intercultural Communication.

 In their spare time students can try their hand in student TV and radio. They can join literary club "Iulskiy K.O.T" ( July C.A.T. - Concept. Aspect. Trope), participate in plays of student theatres "Nordica", "+1", take part in the work of Student Scientific Society or write for the University newspaper "Planeta MGGU" (Planet MSHU).

Borisov Dmitriy, "The Industrial North magazine"
Peltihina Y.V., PR manager MSHU

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