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I. Savin, Professor at the Department of Commerce, marketing and advertising
Murmansk State Technical University

Often we are confronted with the fact that in many fields of knowledge: one term refers to two different concepts. This is the first key term «economy». It means, first, the business people. Secondly, it is called discipline, studying the activity.

Production of the new value - quite a complex matter. It requires, above all, the people who organize and manage creative activities. Their task is to ensure the success of the capital, whose main purpose - to create new value.

Development of entrepreneurship - one of the most important ways to overcome socio-economic instability and to build an efficient economy.

Of particular importance to business in the country's economy is determined by a number of characteristics. These include: creating a competitive environment and demonopolization production, increasing the number of owners of means of production, employment growth and reducing social tension in society, increase incomes and government revenue, etc. For the successful development requires the support of entrepreneurship, particularly in the area of funding, all levels of power.

For the Russian enterprise search issues acquire new sources of funding for a meaningful approach. Entrepreneur - a proactive person who uses the factors of production to create new wealth. 

Under this rather broad definition of suitable people for the many kinds of creative activities.

First of all, the varied individual and collective entrepreneurship (number of proactive people, who bear the risk of responsibility for the success of the case began).

Especially devoted to entrepreneurship:

- Profit - is not connected with the sale of products for the enrichment (charity); 
- commercial - business that has income. This kind of classes are known as business. These include: 
- Non-business (professional sports, concerts, etc.), businesses, trade, commercial business services (e.g., tourist services, law office, hair dresser); 
- Manufacturing business (the income at work in industry, agriculture, construction and other industries).

Here the entrepreneur performs the following duties.

The first function - the resource. For any business activity requires physical factors (means of production) and workers with sufficient knowledge and skills, money savings.

The second function - organizational. Its essence: to ensure that the connection factor, which contributes to better achieve the goal.

The third option - a creative, connected with the organizational and management innovation. The value of this function for the business has increased dramatically in the modern scientific and technological progress and development of non-price competition. Now crucial for the competitiveness of businesses are entrepreneurial initiative, innovation.

The commercial describes the calculation of economic literacy Action entrepreneur, which fully complies with the requirements of a developed and civilized market.

Commercial calculation is a method of management, implying that trading revenue from the sale of manufactured goods covered all expenses for their production and provides the most revenue.

The fourth function of the entrepreneur - getting the most revenue. This ultimate goal is achieved through commercial calculation peculiar conditions of education and the actions of capital.

Commercial calculation assumes that the following rules:

First rule. When calculating the commercial businesses must have the necessary economic autonomy. They spend their own or borrowed money to buy the means of production and wages to employees. Management personnel decide how to manage the production factors, such as producing goods, as to take into account market conditions, the demand of buyers.

Second rule. Businessman in its sole discretion, realizes they made products on the market while acquiring a certain amount of money. Spent on the business of the money should be fully recovered from the proceeds from the sale of goods, which ensures even their manufacture.

The third rule. All entrepreneurs seeking profit - increase initially spent on the production of amounts of money. Otherwise business activity will not be means of a continuous increase in wealth.

The fourth rule. Profit is a source of self (the allocation of money to increase production). Income is used to further expand and improve production, to address the social problems of the working staff and for other purposes. If the firm does not have enough of their own money, it takes a bank loan.

The fifth rule. The resulting new value of creative activities designed to substantive interest of all owners of production factors, including the owners of labor, creditors (bankers), provided the borrowed money, the owners of land and other immovable property used in production. Such compensation shall correspond to the law.

The sixth rule. The businessman has full economic responsibility for the final outcome of the work. In a market economy, the owners, the owners of enterprises are allowed to pay for the losses, failure to comply with the commitments and agreements with parties to market transactions.

Unpredictable variability in terms of production and markets has resulted in a risk business. Therefore, a commercial account to ensure economic security business. This contributed to the legislative and practical measures for the protection of trade secrets (the secrets of technology, contracting, etc.) and insurance (property, people's lives, business risks, etc.).

So, we learned rules of behavior management. Meanwhile, outside of our attention was the process of creating new value, partially hidden under the cloak of commercial confidentiality. 

Thus, in a country with a new economy in advance of identified promising lines of business in the XXI century. For example, Japan relies on the information business. Using the global information market, Japanese business faster and better than introducing all the new items. In Germany, Britain and France focus on information and other emerging technologies. In the United States at the center of attention - raising the intellectual level of workers, their education and skills, because it affects the technological capacity of business.



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