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The 3rd Arctic business forum in February at Rovaniemi Finland 

This decade over 100 billion euro investments are planned to be implemented in Lapland Finland, North of Sweden, North of Norway and Murmansk region Russia according to Lapland Chamber of Commerce, Finland. Global and regional level impacts of these billion scale investments are discussed in the 3rd Arctic Business Forum in February 21-22 held at Rovaniemi Finland.

The main speaker of the Forum is Professor Laurence C. Smith of UCLA, California, USA and the author of the book "The World in 2050: Four Forces Shaping Civilization's Northern Future" in which Smith states that the economic and strategic significance of the North is growing through influence of four global forces: population demographics, resource demand, globalization and climate change. According to Smith's analysis, whilst climate is becoming warmer in the North and the new searoutes are opening, the rest of the world is struggling with energy and food shortages.

The topics of the Forum include European High North current energy and mining investments, the new transport connections and the companies possibilities to be part of the major investment projects. The speakers are experts in their field handling business opportunities in the North such as CEO Mikko Niini Aker Arctic Technology Ltd, CEO Tero Vauraste Arctia Shipping Ltd and Senior Advisor Harry Anton Sund Energy A/S.

Rovaniemi is a northern centre for design education and design practice with a keen interest in Arctic Design. Companies participating in the Arctic Business Forum are invited to an Arctic Design Clinic and can book a clinic slot to discuss with design experts how to best benefit from design. An exhibition on highlights of Arctic Design in Rovaniemi based companies is open during the two-day forum.

The organizer of the event is Lapland Chamber of Commerce, Finland.

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Taija Jurmu, Deputy Director, Lapland Chamber of Commerce, +358 40 510 8889

Timo Rautajoki, CEO, Lapland Chamber of Commerce, p. +358 40 5511 289

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