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The Union of Fish Producers of the North is an industrial group. It was founded in Murmansk on the 15th of December 1992.

The main objectives of the Union's activity are:

1. Coordination of business activity in the following spheres:  -fishing, technical maintenance of the fleet, maritime safety, -material logistics and sales of fish products.

2. Making strategy and tactics of entrepreneur development in fish industry of the Northern basin.

3. Organization of cooperation between enterprises and state authorities.

4. Information, analytical and statistical activity.

At the moment the non-commercial organization «Union of Fish Producers of the North» comprises 68 enterprises.

By branch specialization they can be subdivided into the following types: catching, processing and servicing enterprises.

The number of catching enterprises is 45 units. Each of them has the status of a ship-owner. Sea fish catching vessels ownership is realized on the basis of proprietary right and tenant right.

There are 103 sea vessels at the disposal, including 92 catching vessels of various types, 8 transports, 2 tankers and 1 tow-boat. The home port for the most vessels is the Murmansk Sea Fishing Port.

Fish catching enterprises specialize in the following fishery types: fish catching, crab fishery and fishery of other sea bioresources.

Fishery of bioresources is exercised mainly in the exclusive economic zone of the RF, as well as in the open part of the World ocean and in 200-mile economic zones of foreign states, lying in the offshore zone of the North-Eastern and Northwestern Atlantic.

Economic indicators of work of catching enterprises in the year 2005 are the following:

- total fish catch is 195430 tons;

- output of fish foodstuffs is 160261 tons, 106000 tons of which, or 66 %, were delivered to the home market;

- output of canned products makes 1315000 conditional cans, fish flour output makes 2168 tons.

Fish catch ratio makes 8% of all - Russia catch, 33% of the catch in the Northern basin and 43% of the total catch of the enterprises of the Murmansk region.

Onshore fish-processing branch of fish industry of the Murmansk region is represented in the non-commercial organization "The Union of Fish Producers of the North" by three enterprises. They can be subdivided into the following specialized production sectors: a refrigerating sector, a smoking sector and a drying sector. These enterprises produce frozen fish, including frozen crab, salted fish, smoked fish, dried fish and preserves.

The group of the servicing enterprises comprises 18 enterprises among which are those that are engaged in packaging and containing, tacking, production distribution and selling, in supply and sales, marine insurance, different types of ship-repair work and services, and so on.

According to the 2005 data the number of employees at the enterprises of the Union of Fish Producers of the North makes 7000 people.

President of the non-commercial organization «The Union of Fish Producers of the North» Kasatkin Vitaly Petrovich.

Director General of the non-commercial organization «The Union of Fish Producers of the North» Stepakhno Gennady Vasilievich.

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