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Dear readers!

«The Industrial NORTH MAGAZINE» - the edition intended for informing of industrialists of Northern countries about opportunities of the industrial enterprises of Murmansk area.

The magazine is distributed among industrial exhibitors and the representatives of an industrial - economic complex interested in cooperation and the state structures.

It is pleasant, that the previous release of magazine has interested participants of an exhibition and seminars on power and oil-and-gas problems. In the present edition the wishes of our foreign readers stated by them at meetings in the Union of industrialists and businessmen of Murmansk area, behind negotiating tables and in discussions at conferences are taken into account

Today the basic themes of magazine became a history and prospects of industrial-economic development of the Russia's North as a whole and Murmansk area in particular.

Being guided on subjects of 8-th International exhibition "Sea. Resources. Technologies", edition of magazine has clauses which contents draw a picture of development of fish branch of the Murmansk region' industrial complex.

Among the authors given the works - scientists of the Kola center of science, researchers and patriots of Arctic regions, business executives of the state scale, heads of the unions and the associations uniting businessmen by an industrial principle, and also the industrialists of the particular Murmansk enterprises.

Undoubtedly, «The Industrial Calendar» in which the events that have served to positive development of the industry in northern regions of Russia becomes a "highlight" of this number. The basis of the Calendar - materials which have been picked up by the stuff of Murmansk regional scientific library.

We hope, our foreign friends will receive a quite good charge of the information on activity of Murmansk industrialists from pages of magazine and will wish to establish with some business relations.

It is possible to declare the readiness for cooperation on pages of the Russian-speaking magazine issued by our edition and intended for informing of Murmansk businessmen.

With a great wish to find worthy business-partners,

Yours faithfully, Valentine Laverova, the editor-in-chief

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