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Consulting has taken root in the hearts and minds of businessmen. As computers and mobile phones. But how different people enjoy the benefits that they offer civilization sometimes causes tears of emotion.

There are people who are absolutely helpless in dealing with very simple technique. I know the big businessmen, multimillionaires who do not know how to use e-mail not to mention Skype.

When I asked at the seminars that at least heard of concepts such as CRM and ERP, raise their hands not all people. And in my classes are present mostly businessmen.

My mother 60 years old and she cannot drive a car. She does not know what a clutch pedal and a circuit switching speed.

It is unlikely that she would call brand of my car at first time and not make a mistake. Rather, she knows that this "Mustang" (from his grandson) but I

doubt that she was aware that the "Mustang" - is «Ford». My mother is not interested in cars, as they would not in her life. And why, one asks? Cars are interesting contraption! That allows you to move quickly and gives a sense of freedom. Buttons, levers. Could the machine be helpful to my mother, to ease her life? Yes, like every human life.

When a person has the opportunity to have something necessary useful and interesting but he refuses to have it, it is not always clear to those that somehow have long enjoyed. In the days of my mother youth had cars? Yes. Then what is the reason that some people are not interested in something that could change their lives for the better, to relieve her, a broker in something?

The fact that many beautiful people, smart personality and even strong leaders believe that "stay out". They do not like someone to learn.

My father is a talented man, very intelligent and artistry. I simply adore. He was with his talents could be the celebrity world value but he did not. As

far as I can remember he was constantly repeated to me: "I do not like coaches and teachers. This is not my style - to learn from someone. I love the reach of all by myself, from the experience. " And it has become a ceiling, on which rested my dad, so it is impossible to know the experience of all the knowledge of the world without a knowledgeable guide.

The most professional people I know on this planet continuously learn and receive advice and assistance from specialists.

You know that from the standpoint of system administrators the world is divided into two castes? On the gods and the animals stupid users?

Talk to someone from the present system administrators and they will tell you. Well, I will tell you a big secret - these guys are not born with all their knowledge. They have mastered them. They have mastered the knowledge and skills to gain control over some area of life, business, world. The more qualifications are the more control. The more control is greater freedom in life. And opportunities.

Better businessman controls his firm the better his business does not it? When the car goes out of control you are refreshing statistics. When a company goes out of control - also, is not it? In the first case it is a statistic SDA, in the second - bankruptcies. As L. Ron Hubbard wrote in the instructions for administration: CONTROL = INCOME.

The word "control" refers to course management but not stupid oversight.

How one person can help another take anything under control? With the help of instructions, of course. When you buy a new home appliances last time you may walk in two ways. Either pressed only at familiar buttons, ignoring all the rest - and not controlled device fully and therefore could not use all its functions. Either you carefully studied the instructions, in turn, mastering the new features for yourself. So people familiar with the new car. Thus, system administrators familiar with the new software. With the help of instructions.

The ability to read the instructions and learn new steps for yourself distinguishes a professional from the amateur-oleaster ignorant layman.

The vast majority of people are capable of that. Lively, intelligent, understanding people like you and me.

What is good instruction? The one that takes into account the circumstances dictate specific actions and leads to the same results.

"Type on the keyboard of your phone 112 in an emergency situation, even with zero balance on the account and you get into the MOE. This is an example of good instruction. Circumstances taken into account, given a clear indication. Fulfill it - was expected.

Good set of instructions for the business is called "standard" or "regulation". It requires precise actions in specific circumstances. The result is always something expected.

If you are thinking to write good instructions, do it only on the basis of experience - positive or negative. Achieved victory - describe the circumstances and your actions in them and what results were achieved. Unlucky - describe the circumstances and actions in them, and write for others: Do not go there, the snow falls pate ...

Look at McDonald's instructions. They are an example of good instructions. Can I take any young person and teach him to cook the standard hamburgers? Practice shows that it is possible. Is it possible to train tens of thousands of teenagers to fry hamburgers the same?

Obviously, you can - prove McDonald. Does it increase business? Guess yourself.

L. Ron Hubbard wrote that the potential expansion of the organization depends on how much good instructions issued to its employees and how

accurately they are used. Established the organization he works in more than 170 countries, providing a completely standard services. Last year, 23 years after the death of its founder and through the 55 years since its foundation the main statistics of the organization have increased several times compared with the previous year. Is this not revealing?

A departure from the standards is to reduce the threat of the organization.

Now about consulting.

I'm not a fanatic of consultants who come to the company from a position of "more intelligent and experienced" and give advice, which they had just invented. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. And I love the 100% result.

Therefore, my colleagues and I use only about consulting standards, verified by the organization of this type in similar circumstances. It is safe and effective. No one would not like to feel and guinea pig to experiment on your own company.

Typically, these experiments will fail, even if it serves as a consultant to a solid company.

Why then must have their own consultant, if all you can read the instructions, you ask? And just to take advantage of his experience in the application of this instruction. It is very important to accents, to separate the important from the secondary.

But the very fact that all actions prescribed by a consultant, described in repeatedly proven in practice (not least) instructions, which the businessman

if necessary to understand, makes the whole project can be supervised. After all, the smartest adviser, the most experienced one, the toughest specials - all can make a mistake. And for the ultimate responsibility of the company is a leader. So the manager must have access to the original. And it is desirable to pass on it at least overview training.

The modern world, saturated with information, overclocked to insane speeds cannot allow the businessman to become a first-class specialist in each function of the organization. Each of the expert have grown over the years and you know it.

And the golden mean: whose advice to use but whose is not. Do not use anyone's until then you they will not understand yourselves and do not take full responsibility. And if it has to do - deal with the board only if it is underpinned by regulations, standards, instructions that have been tested in practice in similar circumstances. And do the actions only after both understand their logic.

Otherwise, you risk a theme for the sad article.

There are several excellent standards that have long been time tested and are proven. This is a "6 sigma" and «ISO-9001" in the field of quality, «ITEL» in the computer field (not in the computer business but only in the IT-departments of companies), «Lean production» in the field of industrial parts of the organization.

There was no standard until 2003 which would be just as tested and reliable in the management of other areas of the organization - management, personnel, marketing, sales, accounting, staff training and PR. It appeared in 2003 - it is MANH, "Model Administrative know-how developed by the World Association of businessmen WISE.

In our company any business owner can get a detailed, overview video course on this standard. The course is called "Full control of its business."

You want self-developing, self-employed organization, which does not require your time but the figures are growing? That was the aim standard MANH.

You dream about such a business model, which would not require your intervention in routine cases so that you can pay more attention to yourself and your interests? Well, you will be very interesting to go video-lesson.

I write for those who did not persist in this idiotic idea "to use only their experience." Take advantage of someone else and do not step on the rake once more.

Now the standard is. Keep up with life.

Competitors are not sleeping.

Vadim Malchikov, the founder of "Central training company"



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