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Scientific and production enterprise “Sevrybproekt” ltd is an enterprise of a new kind, established in 1998 to solve scientific and production tasks in techniques of industrial fishing.

For the achievement of certain aim, the enterprise has important strategies, from idea (scientific development) to product (efficient result of an idea). From the moment “Sevrybproekt” ltd enterprise was established as a small-scale business it is a member of “Union of Northern Fish Industrialists” organization and in the year 2006 it became a member of “Association of Aquaculture Enterprises of Murmansk Region” organization.

The enterprise has practical specialists with higher and secondary vocational education in industrial fishing and good working experiences in fishing fleet.

The existing administrative, scientific, and industrial structures allow the enterprise to work in the following fields:

• Science and research, design and construction (creation and development of fishing gear, field equipment);

• Production of fishing gear of all kinds, both experimental and regular;

• Services to fishing organizations in selection and tooling of fishing gear on the shore and in sea;

• Provision with all kinds of field equipment;

• Delivery of fishing gear and field equipment on board a vessel, to a port or to sea;

• Provision of construction documentation for fishing gear and its rigging.

Implementation of scientific, industrial work takes place on both experimental and industrial bases. This is one of the best-equipped workshops in the North, which produces fishing gear, development type machinery for industrial fishing.

They introduce new constructions, based on utilization and combination of hydrodynamic station and specially developed complex of computer programmes, into the practice of fishing, develop the existing models of trawls. The main peculiarity of the trawls constructed by “Sevrybproekt” specialists lies in its rational form, which makes little hydrodynamic resistance at large vertical and horizontal opening. As a result, the vessel’s engine needs less pulling power and the fuel consumption is less.

Recently the enterprise has developed, piloted and successfully introduced the following fishing gear:

- new trawl construction (design 2693) for vessels with engine power of 1600-1800 kilowatt. The trawl has an increased coverage area compared to regular trawls, more flat cycle of net linen cutting of upper and lower wings;

- six-layered trawls (design 2664 and 2665) for vessels with engine power of 1000-1300 kilowatt. The trawl of design 2664 has a long lower line and is recommended for plaice fishing; trawl of design 2665 is recommended for cod and haddock fishing;

- trawl (design 2672) for vessels with engine power of 2500 kilowatt is a double-winded four-layered construction with advanced features. There has also been developed a trawl (design 2677), which also is a double winded but of two layers allowing Russian vessels to use Norwegian two-layered sorting systems and trawl bags;

- mid-water trawl “design 2685-00” for vessels with engine power of 1600-2000 kilowatt was designed and piloted on mackerel fishing. The working parameters, speed characteristics, and fishing capacity were improved due to constructive peculiarities of the trawl. A streamlined variant with prolonged cable part for the increase of coverage area was named “design 2695”;

- two new constructions of mid-water trawls “Katrin I” and “Katrin II” for vessels with engine power of 5300 kilowatt were designed base on trawls “design 2683” “Shkval” and are used for herring and blue whiting fishing in North-Eastern Atlantic. The trawl has improved features of the fishing part which provides increase of catch when fish gathering is rarefied.

The fishing gear developed and produced by “Sevrybproekt” are supplied to vessels of fishing industry in Murmansk, Archangelsk regions, Karelia and St. Petersburg. The enterprise is known outside Russia as well. “Sevrybproekt” cooperated with the following international partners: Utzone, NetMark in Denmark, Refa, Nofi-Troms? in Norway, Hampidan in Iceland, Euronet in Portugal, Redos Salinos in Spain and Ecological Institute of Caspian Sea in Iran.

The cooperation with enterprises in India and Japan is under development.

The specialist of the enterprise have gathered the richest material in fishing areas of South-Eastern and South-western parts of the Pacific Ocean, Central Eastern and Antarctic parts of the Atlantic Ocean, fishing gear, techniques and tactics of fishery. There are serious developments made in constructions of fishing gear. In order to create a range of modern fishing gear for small vessels there was made a thorough analysis of historical and contemporary local and international experiences in fishing, technical documentation developed, contemporary native materials selected. The enterprise has archive materials and ready-made developments in production of fixed nets, sweep nets and other equipment for breeding of commodity fish.

For the improvement of financial indicators, decrease of energy spending for small fishing vessel, the specialists of the enterprise have developed an innovative project titled “Development and Production of Special Fishing Gear for Catch of Underutilized of Fishing Objects in the Coastal Part of the Barents Sea”.

In 2005 there was developed and patented a construction of a special bottom chest-aviaries for breeding of Kamchatka crab. One of these is installed in Goryachinskya bay (city of Poliarnyj), the other one – in Zelenetskaya bay (Dalnie Zelentsy settlement). In the end of 2005 the enterprise started to implement work in marine aquaculture. In the year of 2006 the enterprise acquired the license to use a 100-hectare part or water in Yaryshnaya bay belonging to Barents sea (Dalnie Zelentsy settlement) for breeding of cod, Kamchatka crab and sea-urchin. Maximum possible results per year are 1000 tons of cod, 50 tons of kamchatka crab and 30 tons of sea-urchin. It is planned to create the necessary infrastructure, berthage and involve a transport vessel to work at the breeding plant.

Sevrybproekt Ltd is going forth and is happy to invite new partners to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. 



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