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There is an opinion that for a smile you can determine where a person comes.

One of those who argues is an American scientist named Deyher Keltner, professor of psychology at the University of California. He studied 43 facial muscles that are involved when we smile. One of his conclusions was that the western smile more open and honest than the American. Professor Keltneru able to identify all the photos on what side of the ocean lives a man submitted the photo. He also concluded that the American smile as a whole is less expressive because it is not involved eye muscles that form an important part of smiles. Taking into account this fact, one might think that the American smile is not sincere because it is not reflected in the eyes. Was that the case?

Initially it would be a logical answer to the question «Why do people smile?» There are many causes. We smile when we are glad that we are proud of where we are confused when we get the pleasure. Sometimes we smile to show emotions and sometimes - to hide our real feelings. Fair will notice that how, where and why people are smiling depending on the cultural environment, where they were born. Each culture has its own «code Smiles», which is tacitly accepted in each country.

In American culture is a very important positive feeling. This culture encourages and fosters the so-called animal spirits that you can feel by reading or listening to such typical American slogans as «Cheer up! Everything could have been worse», «Smile! I draw your attention only on the bright side of life!» This cheerfulness was cultivated in a person from childhood. American parents tell their children: «Smiling! Looks fun when you find yourself in public!» Thus these children have gradually become «smiling Machines». 

In American culture since childhood instilled in not only a sense of cheerfulness and the constant pursuit of happiness. Even the U.S. Declaration of Independence proclaims the pursuit of happiness an inalienable right of every citizen. Americans believe that the losers are those people who shun any responsibility or do not fully realize the «instruction» declaration. Not surprisingly that the part of the American people who consider themselves happy makes entire 80%. The American smile is also a friendly. Americans prefer to remain outwardly calm and friendly even when they are with something does not agree. Nice words and polite smiles were an integral part of their everyday communication.

Very often you can hear the phrase: «American smile - is that like it or not». And this may well be to accept because if a person understands the nature of the American smile he begins to perceive it in another and even accustomed to it. Most people who are in the United States and then returned back especially in the post-Soviet countries, recognized that they do not have enough of that smile. They especially miss it when going shopping, when communicating with colleagues at work when using public transportation, etc.

Some of the people who were in the states are of the opinion that the Americans smile neither courtesy nor the desire to enjoy. In their view the U.S. smile is only the need to smile just smile. And as one French philosopher Jane Budrillyar told: «This is the smile on his face for a long time after all the feelings have evaporated. This is the smile that is accessible at any time but at the same time it does not allow himself to issue. For properties, it is similar immunity. That smile speaks for itself: This is a good country. I'm good. We are the best ... » And this subtext really can not even act like anyone on the nerves.

Many believe the U.S. smile is not only «irritating » but also insincere. This rejection occurs because «everyday smiling» not true for many people especially the Slavs. Russian writers have long defined the American smile as strange and artificial in comparison with Russian. Satirist M. Zadornov called American smile «persistent» but according to M. Zhvanetsky Americans smiling as if they are connected to electrical appliances. Gorky wrote that the first thing you will notice when meeting with an American it is his teeth. However it should be remembered that in the American culture of the smile in the first place means politeness. The more American you smiling during the interview and the more he was friendly so its good to you and so attentive he listens to you. The smile, with which the American representatives of the service sector met you, means nothing more than politeness. And those smiles can be seen not only in the United States. A Chinese proverb says: «Who can not smile cannot open the shop». In Japan, women at the entrance to the escalator in the big stores give smiling bow to anyone who steps on it and these 2500 smiles and bows a day.

American psychologists say and yet that polite smile in America implies a listener from the problems of protecting the speaker. But in the communicative behavior Slavic smiles «for comity» or «a matter of courtesy» not considered the norm. Therefore we should always remember that if a phenomenon has no place in our culture it does not mean that it does not exist.

And finally want to say that, in my opinion the U.S. does not smile is not sincere. Perhaps Americans are simply less inclined to shield their positive feelings and are more inclined to hide their negative emotions?

Tatiana Yarosh



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