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Can we agree on the highest salary during the initial discussion of salary?

You of course that the high starting salary discussions from the outset. How is it possible when for every job turns tough competition? Many candidates mistakenly believe that they have no right to discuss wages, benefits or allowances in such harsh conditions in the labor market because of fear of losing a job. Because of this many come to work with a sense that they have done a great favor. As a result they lose motivation and do not seek to stand out, which in turn means: rising occur not quick or not occur at all.

Candidates need to know a few things about the process of recruitment and discussion of working conditions. First, if you do not ask for more you will not get more. Even if you do not get everything that you want to still get something better than not get anything. Secondly, talk of compensation is not so useless. Both sides can be winners instead of being in a situation where one is a loser at the expense of another. In the third place, the employer would not have anyone to look if there was no such need. This gives additional trump cards in their hands to the candidate who meets the requirements of the employer.

It is believed that every employer is looking for very low-cost workers that only can be found. In some cases that is true but in reality most employers understand that a fair and decent wage - it is one of the best ways to retain good employees, to ensure quality and increase productivity.

What to do when it becomes clear that you cannot get a big salary? If you cannot give more money to discuss the possibility of payment of any services payment of what makes you a valuable frame of payment that protects the quality of your life or that can later be converted to cash.

For example, you can purchase the tools - computers and software, to get benefits to clothing, parking, petrol and a kindergarten or products and promo products that distributes the company. You can also ask whether the company's corporate discounts on vehicles whether the interest rates paid on credit cards, are there to ensure food parcels, household items, etc. If such facilities are available in the company, ask them to include them in his social package.

Articles that affect the quality of life include discounts on transport and work schedule that allows you to combine work and home care. 

And the fact that you can later convert into money includes shares, share of profits, deferred compensation, an increase on the rising cost of living and bonuses for overtime work.

What information should own candidate in order to more effectively negotiate the terms of payment when applying for a job?

You should know what your uniqueness and even compile a list of 30 to 60 of your most worthy skills.

It is necessary to compile a list of previous accomplishments and point out what the benefits of these achievements have brought a previous company where you worked.

It’s good to have recommendation letters from previous employers and colleagues, which would have highlighted the benefits that you can bring us.

It should clearly understand the needs and problems that you can solve in a company where you want to work.

Ask about the level of wages of those who have approximately the same knowledge and experience in your field.

You should be able to convince the employer why the company would benefit by taking you on the job.



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