In the end of September 2006 in Murmansk Region Government there took place a meeting devoted to the results of the recent public hearing of the materials of the evaluation of the environment impact of the project of complex development of Stockman gas condensate field. The meeting was held by the Governor of the Murmansk Region Mr. Yury Alekseevich Evdokimov. The speakers were the specialists of "Gazprom" joint-stock company — the senior engineer of the project, the deputy senior engineer of "Giprospetsgas" jointstock company Mr. AleksanderStanislavovich Piotrovsky and deputy head of the Department of system analysis and project exanimation Mr. Andrey Mikhailovish Kalmykov.

00911The meeting summarized the public hearings, which took place in Murmansk region in order to learn the opinion of the population of different municipalities about the construction works and the environment impact of the complex on production and processing of natural gas. In ten days period the hearings took place in five municipalities of our region: Kandalaksha, Apatity, Olenegorsk, Vidyaevo and Kola. The customer, "Gazprom" joint-stock company presented to the community several alternative variants of investment grounds, including two — directly on the volume of gas production, which, according to the assumption of Aleksander Piotrovskiy can make from 71 to 94,6 milliard cubic meters of gas peryear.

— We plan to start the gas supply by the year 2011 — comments Aleksander Stanislavovich.—We consider several alternative technical solution, but there are two principal. The first one is fully underwater equipment of the field, multiphase transportation of gas to the coast, building of port transport technological complex as a part of a plant for gas liquefaction. This variant stipulates as well for building of installations for preparation of gas to transportation by land, gas storehouses and berths for its shipping. After that there are two variants planned for gas supply: as liquefied natural gas to markets and land pipeline Vidyaevo-Volkhov. There is also an alternative variant considered as well—construction of a platform, provision of preliminary preparation and transportation of gas to the platform and them two-phased transportation to transport and technological complex.

There occurred many disputes when discussing the location of the plant ground for gas liquefaction. The final decision was made in springtime 2006 —the "Gazprom" joint-stock company announced that the plan for gas liquefaction will be located in Vidyaevo settlement.

— It is assumed that the equipment will be fully underwater and sea floor templates will be used at the depth of up to 330 meters — continues the senior engineer of the project Aleksander Piotrovskiy. In connection with quite compound bottom contour and in order to increase the reliability the sea pipe line is assumed to be made in two lines.

It is necessary to specify that the concerns offish industry companies, connected to possible prohibition of fishing in the area of future pipeline going, are vain. There will be just come limitations, but they will not anyhow influence fishery in this area.00913 

The project also specifies the transport for gas delivery: gas carrying vessels up to 300 meters long able to carry from 150 up to 215 thousand cubic meters. We will need about 38 vessels of the kind. Callings are planned to take place once or twice a day.

— If to consider the variant of land pipeline — tells Aleksander Piotrovskiy, — it represents a unique construction of 1356 kilometers long, crossing Murmansk and Leningrad regions and the Republic of Karelia. The project stipulates for the provision of Murmansk region with 4.7 milliard cubic meters of gas, and the provision of settlements in the area of the pipeline.

Aleksander Stanislavovish mentioned as well that "Gazprom" pays great attention to ecology, this is why all the issues related to ecological safety are submitted to public discussion.
— In the project we use only modern equipment reduced emission of toxic substances — announced Aleksander Piotrovskiy. — This is the basic principle, which lies in the basis of "Gazprom" ecological policy. None of economical expediency issues can prevail the conditions of security, health preservation, and lives of people who work on our enterprises and live in the areas affected by gas industry.

One can say with confidence that the project on the development of Stockman gas condensate field is grandiose and at present is one of the world's largest projects on shelf development, especially in arctic seas. Depending of the selected variant the assumed investments are from 41 up to 70 milliard dollars, including from 12 up to 17 milliard dollars on the territory of Murmansk region as well as annual exploitation costs which would be quite considerable for the maintenance of the whole system in reliable state.

Both speakers pointed to great interest to the project on part of the community, expressed their gratitude to Murmansk Region Government for their assistance in promotion of the planned construction and hope of cooperation with scientific potential of Murmansk region.

Present at the meeting was Ms. Olga Shmatova


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