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Dear readers!

You hold in hands the first specialized release of magazine "The Industrial NORTH" in English, addressed to foreign partners.

Necessity of its release is caused by growth of investment appeal of region and, in particular, the projects connected to development of Shtockman gas deposit, which opens new prospects for development of Murmansk area. As the governor of Murmansk area Jury Alekseevich Evdokimov more than once emphasized, our strategic partners were and there are Norwegians. "We have our common region, it means, we have common economic problems to solve together", he marked. It means, that traditional close contacts to the frontier Scandinavian countries will develop and are farther in various branches: oil-extracting, building, power and others.

This release is called to inform foreign business partners about becoming oil-and-gas branch in Murmansk area. Our issue is opened by governor of Murmansk area of Jury Alekseevich Evdokimov, also foreign partners greeted by the office manager of the government of Murmansk area, vice-president of the Union of industrialists and businessmen (employers) of Murmansk area Valery Stanislavovich Budagovsky and the general director Association of suppliers of the oil-and-gas industry Murmanshelf Grigory Ivanovich Straty.

In magazine you may familiarize with a history of creation and the purposes of Association Murmanshelf. The founders the Association are department of the industry and transport of Murmansk area, the Union of industrialists and businessmen of Murmansk area and Northern commercial and industrial chamber. Also we represent readers readers a selection of publications about development partner relations of Murmansk area in sphere oil-and-gas industry.

On pages of magazine we place the offers to foreign partners from more than 20 companies of Murmansk and the areas specializing in various industries: Scadar, A.L.E.K., Metallurgprokatmotage, DIAL, Severtransstroy, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, GEM, Joint-Stock Company RosCo, Alcont, UNR, Safety Systems, Nerpa, Murmanskpromproject, Open Company Sever-Prommontage, Energoprommontage, Sevzapcanat, Ecohydrotechnica, and also Institute Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Science. The organizations offer the newest development in the field of construction, engineering researches, designing, manufacture of engineering and the process equipment, systems of safety of industrial targets, supply etc.

It would be desirable, that the first specialized release of magazine "The Industrial NORTH" became the invitation to mutually advantageous and fruitful cooperation of the enterprises of Murmansk area and foreign colleagues - potential partners. Probably, with the help of our magazine you can find each other.

Together we shall make Murman prospering!

Yours faithfully, editor Olga Shmatova

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