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The development of the port of Murmansk is interesting the majority of manufacturers because of the stability and the volume of its work depends the welfare enterprises entrusted their goods by sea carriers.

Director General of JSC «Murmansk Sea Commercial Port» Victor Morozov sees the situation is not critical but requires the support of the state. What the State can offer a port?

«The future of our port will be for container cargo but the limiting factor for increasing the flow of goods is the infrastructure. And given the time needed to implement projects on its development we do not hope to the sharp increase in traffic in the near future» - said the JSC «Murmansk seaport» Director General Victor Morozov.

The possibility of the container terminal building on the west bank is being discussed is not the first year. Due to the lack of infrastructure and rail approaches to the western shore of the Kola Bay is the most viable project for the construction of a container terminal at its eastern shore. Already completed pre-study for the construction of a container terminal at the first port cargo area to receive vessels with a capacity of up to four thousand TEU. Additionally, construction will occur in the logistics center located at the approaches to the station Murmansk. Calculations show that the development of a container terminal on the east coast could provide a basis for the development of the western coast of the Kola Bay.

FSUE «Rostransmodernizatsiya» decided to free up funds for investment justification.

Currently the port handles the entire amount of the proposed container cargo. The amount of export and import containers is a small share of the total and the main containers should flow through the port Dudinka.

Clearly, containerized cargo has the future. It is therefore not the least the development of facilities for processing of such goods is given in the scheme of the Murmansk port development and development strategy of Murmansk transport hub developed by «Rostransmodernizatsiey». The most feasible project is creation container line Murmansk-Rotterdam.

Technical task to create a working draft of the construction site unload railcars through the railcar over turner for the development of the coal terminal was signed and sent to the harmonization of the October railway. The project is not provided for the use of freight yard station Murmansk as well as the cost of transport increases the cost of the railcar over turner construction. Murmansk office agreed to a construction project using several ways station Murmansk.

Port pays all the work.

Today, the port has no problem with the cargo base. The main problems associated with infrastructure development: the first eight months of this year, turnover of the port amounted to 9,847.849 thousand tons, which is 59.768 thousand tons higher than in 2008-th. Given that the previous two calendar years, the turnover of goods increased from nine to 14.56 million tons, a further substantial increase is possible in case of major construction of specialized facilities that you can not learn in a short time. In general, the 2010 plan is to save the turnover of 2009-th.

One of the competitive advantages of the port - great depths of the Kola Bay, which allows the court to accept, without limitation, a carrying capacity up to 150 thousand tons. There is interest in increasing the number of deep-water berths, however, these issues require substantial work primarily with FSUE «Rosmorport» and FGU «ILA Murmansk».

Infrastructure projects require significant financial and time costs. Of course, there is a need for more active States participation in these projects. The northern ports of Russia - Arctic gateway countries providing support and supplies North Sea Route status and wealth of marine shelf. In recent years, from foreign countries there are more attempts to revise the ownership of these spaces and remove them from the jurisdiction of Russia. In this situation the State is obliged to maintain the northern ports to become more involved in their development. It's international prestige and weight of the state, its power and independence.



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