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The town of Olenegorsk, which is situated in the middle of die North Cape on the crossing of the car and the railway lines Murmansk - St. Petersburg, was founded on the 9th of August 1949.

Olenya railway station and a small labourers' settlement, where the people struggling with the hardships of the severe nature of this land, worked and lived, had existed before. The town got its name from the Olenya mountain because the geologists found great iron deposits of very high quality in it. The mining factory, designed to produce iron concentrate, being built there became the town-forming facility and it is the main source of life in Olenegorsk till now. Many citizens work in the spheres of machine-building, education, medicine, railway and car transport, trade, life conditions' service except for the mining factory.

The central square and the Leningradsky street were created according to the individual project of architects from St. Petersburg and it is one of the most beautiful and convenient places in Olenegorsk.

The Department store, the cinema named "Polar Star", the Ice Palace with artificial ice, the hotel "Gornyak" ("Miner"), firms' offices, banks, cafes, a restaurant, shops, a library are situated here. The town perfectly buried in verdure, mostly the old part of it where you can see not only the usual northern trees but also lilac, bird-cherry tree, currant, beloved by everybody. Olenegorsk is not only an industrial but also a cultural center. Secondary and high schools, the vocational school, one of the best in the region, educational center "Harmony", the computer center form the base of the educational system of the town. The musical and art schools, die Center of children's creative work allow to improve the abilities of children according to their interests. Two independent theatres function in Olenegorsk, the folk collective "Olenegorochka", which has lately celebrated its ten years' anniversary, is known far away from the town's bounds. A group of amateur performance collectives work in the wonderful Culture House.

Olenegorsk is also known for its sports' achievements. The hockey team "Gornyak", a participant of the Russia's championships, represents the town in the top league. Dimity Samsonov is a member of the national Ping-Pong team. On the stadium, situated in the middle of the town, different competitions are held all the time. A special place between them belongs to the North Skating Festival - a big winter festival which attracts sportsmen from all the Russia and from Finland and Norway.

The citizens enjoy the vast possibilities to go in for sports and physical culture. Except the Ice Palace and the stadium the swimming pool, a good playing room are waiting for people and two sport schools work for children.

Olenegorsk attracts people by its existence in an ecologically clean zone where the beautiful lakes are abound with fish and the forests are full of berries and mushrooms. The citizens like to spend there their free time in autumn, summer and spring. And in winter you can go in for mountain skiing or ski along the route, which is illuminated all the arctic night through.

Olenegorsk is a young town and it has links with its northern neighbours. The town of Payala in Northern Sweden is a sister town to it and good culture links are set between Olenegorsk and Rantza in the Finnish Laplandia.

Everybody, who has ever been to Olenegorsk, has warm memories about it in his heart, and the citizens of it simply love it.



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