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The national interests of Russia in the Arctic and the methodology of the economic activities of the Marine, Maritime Innovation and investment in regional ocean ...

These and other equally important topics for the development of oil and gas sector and the economy of the region discussed the participants held in Murmansk, the first all-Russian scientific-practical conference «The National Maritime policy and economic activity in the Arctic».

A report on major trends in the development of exploration work on the shelf of Arctic seas of Russia at this representative forum was made by the Director General of Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Arktikmorneftegazrazvedka» Oleg S. MNATSAKANIAN (published in the Statement).

The strategic need for oil and gas resources in the coastal zone and on the shelf of Arctic seas linked to a group of factors. First, hydrocarbons and it soon will be a critical structural element for the development of our national economy. And not only this: in the next decade, alternative such magnitude energy sources are not expected and stocks of them with the growing consumption will rapidly dry up. Russia has a unique oil and gas reserves but a category of mostly low. Thus, on the Arctic shelf of more than 90% of them belongs to the forecast. It should be noted the second factor: the last 15 years of reproductive resource and raw material base, we are clearly was paid not enough attention in connection with the supply of stocks than most of the extractive industries, including oil and gas, fell into two or more times. Finally, it is the third factor. Apparently, the Ministry of Natural Resources has not yet determine what oil and gas regions of Russia should absorb in the first place.

At the same time the package is signed contracts with China for the delivery of substantial quantities of hydrocarbons. This is especially for oil can cause extreme tension balance and the inevitable rise in prices in the domestic market. In the Murmansk region, consumes about 2 million tons of fuel oil a year, the only alternative in this situation is the early exploitation of the shelf with the gasification region or building a refinery with capacity of at least 3-4 million per year. Stable source of raw materials at the same time can become only the resources of marine and coastal deposits.

Over the past 25 years of Murmansk to the oil and gas complex in search of work received very encouraging data on the shelf of the Western Arctic. The share of the Barents and Kara seas accounted for 70% of all initial recoverable hydrocarbon resources in the waters of Russia, according to expert estimates constituting over 100 billion tons of oil equivalent. However, in recent years the search drilling operations were concentrated in parts of the Pechora region. During the period just named FSUE AMNGR drilles 57 wells with 16 identified deposits of hydrocarbons, recoverable reserves of which (for industrial categories) amounted to some 6.7 billion tons of standard fuel. The main outcome of the work was the discovery of a major new raw material base of hydrocarbons, for an overall capacity compatible with the already well-known oil and gas provinces.

Energy Strategy of Russia is planned that in the Barents and Pechora Seas beginning in 2010 will produce up to 10 million tons of oil and 50 billion cubic meters of gas output in 2020 at the level of production 30 million tons of oil and 130 billion cubic meters of gas. Challenge and without intensifying exploration work on the shelf of her decision will not be possible. Moreover, despite significant at first glance projected resources shelf margin of Russia remain very poorly studied.

Therefore it is important to continue the search for the preparation of licensing. And this is not necessarily done by the budget. There is so-called non-exclusive (speculative) survey carried out by interested companies in accordance with the license issued by the owner of the subsoil. The studies are made available state government royalty (copies handed to the State Bank of geological and geophysical data). Their use will help to establish more reasonable payment for royalties.

The primary objects in the Barents Sea could become a major geotectonic structures such as the Admiralty shaft, the western part of Central Barents rises, Kolskaya trap, Southern Prinovozemelsky shelf. In the Pechora Sea - Russian uplift. In Kara particularly promising Obruchevsky shaft and Nyarmeysko Skuratovsky rising. In general, the degree of real training areas for the establishment of the Western Arctic coastal marine oil and gas production facilities are considered a priority Pechoromorsky and South Barentsevsky.

The basis of gas complex in the Barents Sea is of course prepared to develop Shtokman deposit, stocks of which creates a solid resource base for gas production of about 100 billion cubic meters a year. It is in these areas reconnoitered the largest number of prospective sites for licensing. 

With regard to infrastructure development the nature itself has created the competitive advantage of our ice-free deep-water bays. We can say that the growth of transshipment of cargo through the ports of the Kola Peninsula objectively predetermined and this is confirmed by the intentions of the cargo. The recently developed General scheme of development of the Murmansk node according to which its freight traffic will increase by 2010 to 57 million tonnes including oil and oil products to 27 million tons. And this is without regard to its transport to Murmansk Pipeline System (MTS).

In any case, the development of hydrocarbon deposits of the Arctic shelf and the development of a regional transportation hub will be the basis of GDP increase and improve the socio-economic situation in the Murmansk region, and in the North-West Federal District in general.

Materials prepared by Andrei Popov



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