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Many people can easily identify where and how much you can buy a car, for example, or buy an apartment in New York for the best price, on the contrary, some people remain lifelong dilettante in these issues. However, there are people who enjoy life experiences. Here they give some useful advice.

The possession of information about products - it is the first condition, in order for the purchase was successful. Internet, radio, television, catalogs, magazines, newspapers and other sources constantly inform us of the goods that you can buy (well, for example, buy a bicycle or a mobile phone).

But we all know that the criterion of truth is practice, which is the best teacher. For example, when the housewife finds that after the implementation of a washcloth sets and the other a brilliant, turning in rag it will be buying more attention to the quality of such goods. Or the new owner of the phone realized that it had benefited from the investment of buying a tube gives it a lot more room than the previous model it is sure to draw the attention of friends at this company.

It should be noted that the basic knowledge about the quality of goods in the exercise of the purchase will save you not only time but money will deliver you out of trouble and frustration.

There is a proverb that says: «We are not rich to buy cheap things». Why so? Everything is simple - purchase a more expensive is cheaper because it can be longer. But always there you need to get the thing to serve for a long time? Is it worth it to spend a certain amount of money on this purchase? Here is an example. Your beloved daughter, ten years old and it needs to buy coat in the spring. Do you think it worthwhile to purchase expensive to implement it? What’s time your daughter carries this coat? It seems that after two years the child will not be able to wear it. Because after this time the clothes will be short and narrow and if you do not have the one who could give it your decision to buy something more expensive is wrong.

Here is another example. Your new purchase - new shiny pans that, as you believe everything will boil itself without any problems. In doing so, the correct thing has cost the economy a little bit cheaper than similar pans standing next to the store shelf. So, recognize - that the purchase you made a mistake because, as everything in the frying pan burned, sticks and in general, you are still unhappy with the result.

And you come to the conclusion to give up this cheap acquisition and to spare money to the more modern pan with thicker walls though more expensive. Now you can make a very simple conclusion: in your interests to make buying an expensive product quality only when it is really necessary.

Remember! Do not make major purchases the closure of shops as well as for their thoughtful choice requires much more time. This is a more useful if you have to start to look at all the equal goods to compare quality and prices consider the need for its acquisition, and then choose what suits you best. Anyone who does not like to leave the store without buying is often mistaken.

But on the other hand, there are people who believed that the way the best? We must always remember that it is not always an expensive product is better quality.

A more practical people are doing right by refraining from buying fashionable, extravagant clothing or goods, which in most cases do not justify its cost. And this applies not only to clothing but also for other things such as household appliances, lights, desk lamps, videos and more.

Implementation of purchase: cash or credit? There is the system of buying on credit in many countries around the world. But before you decide to buy something in a way it is necessary to calculate their income and to check whether the month would not make a strong contribution from the expense of their income.

Daily purchases. To enough funds allocated to the household calculate the amount needed for one day. Notes every night or every morning the need to buy during the day. Prepare the necessary bags and utensils. Route shopping should be such as to buy the heaviest item was postponed at last. If you have free time to shop during the day rather than at night when the working day and in stores a lot of people. If possible, requests the purchase of your family members.

Stockpile all you need but wisely. Some housewives make purchases of products such as flour, sugar, pasta, cereals, vegetable oil, cheese, etc in the early weeks or months. It is necessary to establish approximately how many and which products should be given the family for a certain period. It is necessary the right preserve products you have stores, to check their condition regularly.

Stock and plan the purchase only those products that can be stored.



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