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The business is differing!

Each business is individual and unique. But it is still possible to withdraw the classification of businesses on how to start and development as well as the motivations and aspirations.

Many people are wondering how to begin with and where to go. It all depends on your desires and aspirations. And they do not always coincide with those that write in books. It is therefore no need to rely on someone else's experience thoroughly. Take the best and the tune of their motives - this is a solution. But first you need to define its your own way. I think that my classification will help to find some answers.

By the way, to find the way himself it is not easy. And people are beginning to get lost in self-analytics. An attempt to ascertain their reasons often lead to the fact that a person begins to think has himself justify. Books are often written that the business done for the people, for the embodiment of dreams, for the sake of money, etc. And begins a logical chain of thought leads you wish to start a business in theory need a strong motive. This imposes some sort of program on the behavior of business start-ups and begin the path is not there, where they originally wanted.

My own business - it is great. Aid Society - excellent! The desire for money - is also an option. But what if you have a burning desire to start a business. Not for money, not for the sake of society, not for anything previously described. Yes, you yourself may not know where this desire. So why invent a motive? There is a desire – just do it. We should not bind another's patterns.

Personally, I have seen many entrepreneurs and read many biographies and saw the 3 most common ways. Each path has its own specifics and peculiarities of the beginning and development. To begin with, that I went. 


One day I just started to feel like they work for themselves. I do not even know plainly that it's called business. I do not know and do not read any books on business. I even do not imagine there is a separate topic for the books – “business”. I just wanted to work for myself.

This is a very common phenomenon. No ideas, no money, no experience. What should I do? Well, what can be done when there is nothing??? Just start! There is no desire for money to benefit society or their dreams. Still nothing is clear. It is not clear how this activity will link with their own dreams. There is only bare desire.

No motive! I do not think about the benefits to society (think, certainly but it was not the main motive), I do not think to be rich and I think nothing. In retrospect, I believe that business - it is part of my life. Why??? What is the difference! My desire was irresistible. Only business is just for business. There is no other motive.

Today, of course, everything has changed somewhat and the desire to do something for the society came out in priority. But this is a phase of the road. Similarly, it is as the height of the straps. Small businesses today are not interested in me - I have changed. Useless business is not interesting - I changed him. In general, this is my evolution towards. It is important that in the beginning, I started without digging into myself. Although, later on I have read smart authors and I started looking for some obscure reasons. The dream. Living matter, etc. I just wanted to do business. Believe to find non-existent motivation is to waste of time. After all, if the motive was I knew it would be so! And I knew him. The motive was the business - the way an entrepreneur.

I am probably not very smart. But it has never hindered me. At least not for a long period!


Someone just wants to do business for the money and someone comes to this with time. But these people do not have many questions. This is the most prudent and secure way. Prudently and gradually an entrepreneur comes to the enrichment. In fact, the business does not necessarily have to be dangerous and fun. It can be thoughtful and banal. You can find some niche where there is demand (and such an infinite number - almost any idea to come) and then have to start slowly and not spending money. Got 10.000 per month – it is good, in the second month – 10.500, then 11,000, then thinking something and profits will be much more then 15.000. Very slow! But it is almost guaranteed.

Speed really does not lead to wealth faster care. This is all very simple. Today, earned a million - has lost two tomorrow. While slow business already earns 100,000 a month and is accumulating in the size of several million.

This path does not necessarily begin with a strong plan. But the plan is always a good and concrete. No rush, also no chase for the millions. The first commandment - is not lost. The second commandment you need to build. This simple formula can create a state that enough at least for 100 generations (although I could miscalculated -generation 2-3).

Robert Kiyosaki wrote about his rich father as a man leading a slow path - the path of a turtle. Many hares fast overtaken him but in the beginning. But then my father became a rich invincible business turtle-nidzya! While all the rabbits were mercilessly cut in the cabbage.


It is always the most powerful businesses. The entrepreneur who goes to the dream will do everything but he will win. This is inexorable path to success. Bridges burned initially – one way - only forward. This path begins with a known target. Goal = dream! Henry Ford wanted to build cars, Richard Brenson wanted publish the magazine, and Warren Buffett ... No, he chose the path of N 2. The point is that having on hand CLEARLY the ultimate goal the entrepreneur has an incredible focus on one direction. The seas and walls break before these people.

But the loss of faith in the success of people may make poor - it was their own risk. The first two options are more flexible in this regard. Do not get one - ahead to others. Dreamers cannot betray your dreams. It is this dedication gives them the strength.

Money sometimes becomes dream. Or rather is not money but success in general. This gives not a clear goal but the same energy. And it is the combination of all ways. You do business that way with enormous wealth and a dream. This is not just a desire - it is a dream. This is fierce, inexorable desire. About this I was reading the Dovgan biography - he passionately dreamed about success and wealth. However, as is often the case when he become wealthy he realized that did not need the money. I did not meet in my life people who fervently dream of wealth and success.

Route № 1 occurs more often than not because fewer people seeking enrichment. But both could easily be among the entrepreneurs. If a person eyes light up of every new idea – this is way the entrepreneur. If nothing can dislodge people from gauge calculation - this is richer way. Well, if you forget all your wishes and dreams have taken a great interest to anyone familiar with only 5 minutes - then you've met a dreamer. He can strike his idea of kilometers in radius. All of these people - entrepreneurs, they dream is closely intertwined with business and in front of them is almost always waiting for the wealth. But they have their own way.

There are still many people who start a business one way, quickly making a grand failure and returning to work (often in a good position). This is not likely to entrepreneurs - are provocateurs that spoil our overall statistics.



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