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How do I make business negotiations in your favor? It is necessary to carefully prepare for and take into account such details as the exterior....

As far as the interlocutors exterior affects the outcome of the case? No matter how trite it sounds but it really affects the outcome of negotiations. Your appearance must be organic and meet the circumstances.

Exterior plays an important role in performance and we begin with the image, with the image - from what first attract or repellent. There are many complexities, it is fine business – it may like or dislike ...

The image is designed to save time. The manner of dress can tell a lot - about education, about what is and what man desires. He becomes recognizable and non-dangerous. We are going to easy to predict his actions. It is no secret that appearance, comportment, gestures, facial expressions, you can learn much if not all of the nature, mood, emotional state, ability, way of life and even that he might be wanted to hide.

We are impressed by each other in the first couple of minutes, with 80% of the information we have received no word from the other person but from eye contact, intonation of his voice. And this is the first impression is very difficult to change. 

Exterior seemly can do wonders. The task of creating it should be understood as a very important part of preparing for a meeting with people.

The first minute of conversation tend to be decisive. All people pass each other visual signals, using the language of your body sometimes not even think about it. Nevertheless, most information is transmitted by non-verbal communication that is through gestures, postures, expressions and eyes. When we say that a person is sensitive and intuitive we mean that he has the ability to read non-verbal signals of another person and compare them with verbal signals. The exterior and comportment should be a perfect illustration of what states. If the exterior does not inspire respect or comportment is poor the students simply «disabled» from the speaker.

The man instantly formed the opinion whether to trust the interlocutor and to resolve issues with him. If you know in what style will be wearing your partner it is better to dress accordingly. The costume can be a tool of pressure on the opponent. For example you can purposely show their superiority in the negotiations put on a more expensive suit than a partner. Most sales staff know that their exterior and manner of dress affects the outcome of negotiations with the client. You must first sell yourself.

But non verbal behavior - is not just exterior. Let's talk about gestures. It is best when the gestures are obtained you spontaneously - then it naturally reflects your state and attitude to what is happening. The higher the socio - economic status of people the less it requires gestures - he relies on a rich vocabulary and developed it. At the same time the correct placement of accents with the help of hands to help you be more persuasive as a demonstration of open palms will help gain trust. Move the whole hand gesture at the time not just a brush preferably gestures up - down and always above the waist. Try not to constantly repeat the same gesture during conversation.

By gestures applies handshake. The basic rule is moderation. Do not extend your hand first to senior clients and customers, meeting that are held in his office. This adversely affects the course of further negotiations if you come without an invitation or prior arrangement. Serve right hand in a natural state. In general, the better to negotiate on equal terms, so from the beginning you can set the tone of communication holding the palm for a neutral, handshake partnerships. Mention handshake when using two hands. To clasp his left hand brush partner you show a particular emotional recovery. Please use this gesture to customers only in special cases - for example, when thanking the customer for something. Put your left arm only to brush a partner but not above. You should not use both hands with the usual greeting - you may be suspected of insincerity.

Each of us knows that the expression is often louder than hundreds of words. Be careful to express their personality. There is one effective way to train your facial expressions to work with clients. Hang a mirror near your phone and watch it when you talk on the phone during the week. When you see yourself on the side you will be easier to change their typical reactions.

Maintain proper eye contact during the negotiations is very important - do not be afraid to look into the eyes of the customer. This helps to quickly establish contact and quickly get the order. If you find that person who you see gives a quick look try not to watch it again straight in the eye - some people simply feel uncomfortable with. If you run the presentation a group of people, it is better to look into the eyes of all present on stage, 3 - 5 seconds each in random, unpredictable manner. Possible problem with eye contact - this is excessive zeal. Most of us do not like it when we get a closer look. Watch for it.

Try to pay attention to the gestures of your interlocutors every day. So you will develop sensitivity to the non-verbal signals, which often provide more useful information about the customer than its words. Do not forget that you share with your behavior. If you see a number of coherent signals: the open palm of your hand, look straight, slightly tilting forward of the shell - concludes his story and go directly to a discussion of joint orders. The client has already given you a nonverbal agreement and continue to convince him after consent is obtained is a bad tone in sales.

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