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Now I want to tell you about the main secret of the creation of any business.

It is absolutely free.

You know very well known saying:

Who wants to - looking for opportunities.

Who would not want to - looking for a reason.

This proverb is very suitable for the establishment of business, and not only.

Next I asked those of my readers who have not yet established their own business. The question is quite simple: Ask yourself - why I do not have your own business???

Immediately give the typical answers: 

Reason number 1 - a huge competition

Reason number 2 - the lack of money. It is barely enough only to live and not for business now.

Reason number 3 - the circumstances (what - you add yourself to your situation)

Reason number 4 - and a lot of work to earn what my principle of business

Reason number 5 - I cannot create business now. But I will gained the information, money, health, and in the future ....

Reason № .... Or easier - I have not business because .... And tell - why.

Now go back a couple paragraphs above: Who does not want to - looking for a reason.

Here's to you and the first half of the chief secret of the creation of business. Looking for a reason - do not want to create a business.

Having a conscious or subconscious fear of the process? How did I know? I know it from a personal and not just personal experience. Most were very scared for the first time created the first and the hulking weak business. Where is the situation way out? And it is in the second half of the secret of success in business.

Who wants to - looking for opportunities to do. 

There are opportunities ahead of competitors.

There are opportunities to start a business without start-up capital.

There are possibilities to circumvent the prevailing circumstances (which - to add themselves to your case) and move towards the goals.

There are opportunities to become master of your time and not to sell it to “uncle” (albeit in a relatively «good» money). There are opportunities to start your business right now.

Use a pencil and pen, for example, and draw a plan of action for today, tomorrow, week, month and year.

And then find ways to do this! Opportunities!

Always look for opportunities to reach a goal rather than reasons for inaction.

If you are looking for opportunities - be sure you can find them! So you really want to create your own business and be sure – you will do this. Or put on a new line of already existing businesses.

How exactly do I do that?

I think to achieve any purpose and in business especially you need to define for itself a specific time limit within which the plan to obtain the desired result.

And then the most important is not to calculate the hours before the start of business but how to act to achieve your goals now!

Achieving the most important and meaningful to your goals can be unrealistic from the fact that you have not defined a time frame to achieve it.

Very often people put a goal as: «Create your own business in the near future»

Or «quickly increase sales by half»

The notions of «soon» or «soon» in this case almost always turn «next» or «in the coming years» that amounted to a denial from the goal at all.

If you want to achieve some important goals for you - take the place for a specified period to achieve it.

Any purpose for which you have not defined the term achievements it is virtually unattainable. 
Then divide the whole process on the steps near your goal and define the specific time of completion of each step or phase.

And shall follow the schedule drawn up by you!


Such innocuous at first glance daily activities as watching TV, long being online, chit-chat on the phone, etc. in fact just pulling out huge chunks of meat with the time approaching you to your goals. In establishing the business, including too.

As a result, the time of achieving your goals can be spread out over time exceeding the duration of your life

I try these things in your life to avoid.

An example of one of my goals for 2008:

My Internet business is little more than a year while revenue from its four-digit measured in dollars per month.

And what purpose you, dear reader, have achieved over the past year, a month and week?

Paul Sikin



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