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As independent administrative-territorial formation in May 2008 Murmansk area marked 70 years.

The “Constructing NORTH magazine” has asked governor Jury Evdokimov to answer some questions on prospects of development of our northern region to which Jury Alekseevich has devoted the most part of the labour life.

- Jury Alekseevich, with what mood you meet the 70-anniversary of Murmansk area?

- With good working mood. I am absolutely convinced, that the nearest years to us on forces to create other quality of a life. For this purpose, first, it is necessary to overcome an of poverty and second, to provide high quality of education.

- So as in January declared V.V.Putin, to create conditions for transition from raw the script of development to innovative?

- Yes, but it does not mean, that we should be ashamed of raw character of our economy. The word "raw" in our case does not contain a scornful shade as for example in a word-combination «a raw appendage». We live in such territory where the God ordered us to take from bowels, shelf what all-national economy requires. And we shall do it, it is our main applicability. But I want to pay your attention: V.V.Putin in the statement on the State Council has many times used the term "innovative" in different contexts. He spoke: «Innovative behaviour", "innovative consciousness", "innovative situation", "innovative education» and certainly including «innovative economy»... The person cannot uneducated create innovative things. The unhealthy or the tired person, disabused person cannot think, for example, about any ecology, about pure water, about wind power stations … Because it is not necessary to him. Or he will be indifferent, or will tell that "I have enough for my century". And I am glad, that today we start make serious investments in the person, in social sphere.

- Our area becomes a platform for realization of the major projects. As far as it is already realized into practical decisions and affairs?

It is already a reality. Realization of investment projects which are supposed to be carried out till 2015 will allow to increase volumes of industrial production to a level of 2007 almost in 2.5 times.

The general circuit of development of Murmansk transport unit provides reconstruction and construction of complexes for an overload of bulk-oil and general cargoes, coal and containers on the western coast of Kola bay, and also development of tracks.

The Murmansk area will participate in competitive selection of applications with the purpose of creation of a zone of port type in region.

Today the basic investment project of area and all Russia Northwest region is the project of Shtokman gas deposits development and construction of a natural gas factory.

Joint-Stock Company «Synthesis Petroleum» will carry out construction of liquid hydrocarbons transportation complex and an oil refining factory in Murmansk area.

- The Murmansk area has historically arisen not only as a defensive advanced post but also as mining region …

- Certainly. It is necessary to tell here again about new investigation projects and development of minerals deposits. First of all, it is the project of Joint-Stock Company «Fedorovo Resources» on development Tundra Fedorova (Lovozersky area).

The project on development platinum deposits the Тundra Fedorova in cost about 17 billion rubles has no analogues in territory of area and it is a new region economy direction. Among foreign investors of the project is the largest Canadian company "Barrik Gold Corporation".

The «Northwest phosphoric company» Joint-Stock Company has presented the project on Oleniy ruchey apatite deposits development that till 2018 provides investments attraction in the sum 11.46 billion rubles.

The Kola peninsula industry development steadily entails development of transport highways. On the October railway investment projects provide the organization of high-speed movement, construction of new lines and reconstruction of existing highways. 

The Government big attention is given to development of alternative energy sources area, in particular, to development wind power. 
For all these projects are certainly necessary qualified personnel as I have already told healthy, educated, provided, self-assured people.

- Whether it was possible to keep in area continuity in an education system?

- We have kept all education system from preschool up to higher educational institutions, have coordinated them in uniform educational process. I shall tell more - on some parameters as for example on a level of development of an education infrastructure Murmansk area is on the first place in the country.

As for the social sphere it is necessary to mention that the volume of financing of 87 objects under the address investment program in 2007 has made 1011,6 million rubles. Without taking into account financing reconstruction of the centralized operational blocks «Murmansk regional clinical hospital named by P.A.Bajandin» financing growth volumes within the framework of the regional address investment program directed, first of all, on development and strengthening of a material resources of establishments of social sphere, has made 263 % to a level of 2006.

In 2008 in addition to the 31-st working regional social program we enter 11 other more very interesting programs. 
If the last year the regional budget charges on all kinds of social support have made 10,6 % in the come year the parameter will achieve 12,4 percent. And if to speak about charges consolidated budget figures of the of area in 2007 in comparison with 2000 on social policy have grown in 12 times.

We did a lot of deals but threat of populism which as shows experience is very hardy still does not disappear and does not disappear when the big election campaigns come to an end. To promise «all and at once» - the easiest way of self-advertisement as the recipe at all one: to open stabilization fund, to use a gold and exchange stock … And in regional affairs our homebrew populists more often do not find time to prove all the projects corresponding financial sources.

But I always considered that we should be realists, rely on own forces. We also proceed from this, not confusing people, not giving empty promises.

Past elections have shown the authority knows how and what necessary to do that the continuity of the chosen rate, a rate on stability will be kept that the authority is sure in itself – and this confidence is transferred people cast in significant affairs.

I want to congratulate all readers of your magazine on the 70-anniversary our severe, but fine Kola territory and to wish the big successes in their uneasy such noble and necessary work to people!

The “Constructing NORTH magazine” № 5 2008



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