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Competition called “Engineer of a year” was organized by Russian union of scientific, engineering and social organizations.

This competition consists of two nominations: “Young engineers” and “Specialists”. Representatives from the Murmansk region always take part in this competition with great pleasure and often win and become laureates.

At the same time it was made a decision to organize a similar regional competition. It was held since 2005. In contrast to All-Russian competition there are three nominations: “Engineering art of young people”, “Professional engineers” and “Creative groups”. A statement about this competition is issued on All-Russian level once a year. It was made a decision to call this regional competition the “Engineer of a year”. The completion has a permanent status due to this fact.

In addition to it was decided to award winners by monetary prizes since 2006. Competitive works are examined by a special committee whose members are representatives of local government, researchers and Russian technical supervision engineers. Winners are defined by a secret vote: each member of committee gives his estimation according to ten-point scale. After it all points are summarized.

The number of people who want to participate in this competition is constantly growing. For example in 2006 there were only 11 participants in nomination “Professional engineers” but in 2007 there were 17. In 2006 there were 4 groups that claimed to win the competition in nomination “Creative groups”, but in 2007 there were 7 groups.

Competition called “The best engineer of the year 2007” is held according to results of 2007. This competition is aimed at attracting attention to problems of engineering staff quality; increasing attraction to engineering professionalism and professional skills development; revealing elite engineers; attracting young people’s attention to engineering; organizing database of best engineers - explains Sergey Georgevich Natalich, the head of industrial and transport department’s industrial section. This competition is organized by public associations that are independent from state organizations. These associations represent scientists and engineers from Russia and other lands from the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Sergey Eugenievich points out that in order to take part in this competition it is necessary to be a specialist that is occupied with engineering activity on enterprises and organizations and to have some professional results during a fixed time period. Only people with higher engineering education and high competence level regardless of their age, position and presence of academic degree and status are admitted to participate in the competition. In addition to it competitor should have available the results of engineering activities or engineering developments that are up-to-date according to its indices.

Candidates for taking part in a competition are nominated by enterprise and organization’s governing body according to the main working place or by leading bodies of regional public scientific and technical organizations, scientific institutions, engineering institutions, Russian scientific and technical societies, judges of regional competitions – answers Sergey Georgevich Natalich and introduces Dmitry Dubinin and Genady Eliseev to us.
Dmitry Mikhailovich Dubinin, the winner in the nomination “Engineering art of young people”, modestly points out that it is really nice to get such an award. But from his point of view the main thing is satisfaction from the work.

Results of the competition showed that he really gets satisfaction from his work. In his young years Dmitry managed to reach a high level in engineering trade and doesn’t want to stop on what has been achieved.

After successful graduation from Ivanovsk State Energy University, Dmitry Dubinin started to work in Kolskaia nuclear power plant, where he has been working for 9 years so far. Under his active participation in exploitation extension of blocks 1 and 2, “The informational ensuring system of emergency power supply” was put in exploitation for the first time in Kolskaia nuclear power plant. This system has following functions: gathering irrefragable information about the work of all elements in a security system, ability to restore pre-emergency situation, fixation of executive staff‘s actions and carrying out emergency situation analysis.

The other important event, in which Dmitry Dubinin took an active part, was putting into operation the automatic information-measuring system for commercial accounting AIIS KUE (Automated informational – measuring system of commercial calculation) in the Kolskaia nuclear power plant. Dmitry Mikhailovich leaded the development of counter linking circuit and start-and-adjustment works in electrical shop. For successful realization of this project it was necessary to have a thorough knowledge of large amount of normative documents and structure of systems` elements according to its requirements.

After the inspection of the AIIS KUE (Automated informational – measuring system of commercial calculation) in the Kolskaia nuclear power plant by the NP ATS (Non-commercial partnership, trade system’s administrator) and Murmansk region’s CSMiS (Center of standardization, metrology and certification), commissions there were no remarks to the technical decisions in the electrical part of the equipment. The introduction of the AIIS KUE (Automated informational – measuring system of commercial calculation) at Kolskaia nuclear power plant made it possible to make by the hour accountings and to plan electricity output. These conditions are essential for every generative enterprise when it is collaborating and joining the energy and power market (NOREM) (New wholesale market of electric power or capacity)

Dmitry constantly upgrades his competence and practical skills on qualification rising courses within the borders of qualification rising courses on Kolskaia nuclear power plant and by himself.

There exists an important issue for the stuff of Kolskaia nuclear power plant. They have to combine informational flows from all information gathering systems about conditions and electrical equipment’s work routine into one technological network of electrical shop. In addition to it they must provide opportunity to access information directly from working places of relay protection and repair service specialists and executive staff. Knowledge and practical experience that Dubinin D.M have can help in realization.

The staff and colleagues of Dmitry Mikhailovich point out that he has a high motivation to the work, ability to work in a team, independent technical thinking and an availability to design new projects. Dmitry is an excellent manager; he can freely express his opinion in technical questions basing on scientific analysis.

Eliseev Genady Sergeevich, a head of technological bureau for the hull manufacture that is a main branch of federal state unitary enterprise “Ship repairing center “Zvezdochka”, shipyard “Nerpa”, became a winner in the nomination “professional engineers”. He worked out a project of creating a memorial to rocket carrier APL К-19 (atomic submarine K-19).

Genady has a good background experience. He has been working as engineer for 30 years. In 1979 he graduated from St-Petersburg’s shipbuilding institute and acquired a profession of shipbuilder. In a time period from 1979 to 1995 he had been working as a processing engineer of non rotational parts in modernization department. After integration he started to work in the department of modernization and repairing APL (atomic submarine) on SRZ (ship repairing factory) № 10 in town Poliarny, Murmansk region.

All activities of Genady Sergeevich are connected with repairing and utilization of atomic submarines. There is an amazing quantity of innovations and engineering solutions introduced by Eliseev. During his work in SRZ (ship repairing factory) № 10 he worked out technical documentation and under immediate technical control he brought into life such big projects as dismantling of launching mines on APL 658М (atomic submarine like К-19); an efficient repairing of main and lightweight bodies of emergency APL (atomic submarine) that were on service of VMF (Navy); a dismantling of damaged, improvement and installation of glass-fiber plastic frontal fairing GAS (hydroacoustic complex Skat-KS) on emergency APL (atomic submarine) of 671 RТМ (Rockets, torpedoes and mines) type (it was a first time when such work was done in SF (Northern Fleet)) and other.

In 1995 Genady Sergeevich started to work in SRZ (ship repairing factory) “Nerpa” where he is working as a head of technological and normalization bureau of body’s production today. The features of his working style are: creative approach and love for the engineering trade, detailed examination of engineering documentation and production of specific documentation for work realization. He takes part as a lecturer in qualification improving courses for ship body’s repairing staff.

In 2005 Gennady Eliseev was commended by Department of Energy and Manufactures of Russian Federation. He is a labor veteran as well. In 2006 he received a medal “Centenary of Russian submarine forces”.

“I just like what I do”, explains Gennady Sergeevich, confused by attention of journalists. Last year I learned about existence of regional competition “Engineer of a year. I had an idea to send application for attending in this competition, but it was just my plans. But this year a head of engineering department Kolishenko Lada Nikolaevna herself nominated me for taking part in it. The administration agreed with hers idea. That was how I became a participant of “Engineer 2007”.

A description of my professional characteristic was written. It described what I have been doing for the past 30 years of my work as engineer. There were also listed significant works in which I took active part. There one can also find detailed production technology of fabricated metals with circular form received by cover winding. It was a joint idea that I introduced with a help of my managers. Everything was successful. This technology gave us opportunity to do progressive types of welding most conveniently. Later we were able to produce a similar construction but in shorter terms. It is natural that we wouldn’t have achieved it if we hadn’t tried it before.

“People need such competitions. With a help of it a profession of engineer becomes more prestigious” – decided to add Genady. It is not a secret that nowadays very few school leavers decide to enter technical universities. As a result of realization of different projects in economical sphere of the Murmansk region there is a critical lack of professional engineers in the Murmansk region and in Russia in general. The competition “Engineer of the year” is an example for young specialists for what they should strive. They have a desire to work and develop themselves because of this competition. A deserved work will be awarded! My diploma is an example of it.

Authors from JSC “Apatit” won in the nomination “Creative groups”. This group consisted of S.K. Gyda, R.Y. Bylankina, V.M. Ivanov, I.V. Savelieva, S.V. Vorojeiko. They offered a scheme of utilization of heat from uninterrupted expulsion for boiler houses in Kirovsk and ANO-3. There are five boiler houses which work with a help of fuel oil and consist of 27 boilers. Huge sums of money are spent on fuel in order to produce a heating energy. In 2006 there were used 155 000 tons of fuel oil for this purposes. It cost 871 ml. rubles. The scheme that was offered by creative group started to be put into work in Kirovsk boiler house in 2006.Since that time 3365 tons of fuel oil were saved and 16,2 ml. rubles were kept. A positive experience of project exploitation gives opportunity to use this equipment in another boiler houses.

Laureate’s diplomas were given to the following people:

In the nomination “Professional engineers” – Tsvetkov A. P., leading designer engineer, head of the navigation-mechanical sector of technical development service’s design office, technical policy department JSC “Murmansk Shipping Company” and Tokarev O.V., leading engineer of the mine “Severny” JSC, “Kolskaya GMK” (Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company).

In the nomination “Engineering art of young people” – Sosnovshchenko R. S., programmer-engineer from the branch of automatized control systems of «Rosenergoatom» «Kolskaia nuclear power plant»; Mikhailov J. A., engineer of metrology laboratory, branch of concern “Rosenergoatom”, “Kolskaya GMK” (Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company).

In the nomination “Creative groups” – group of authors from the department of radio engineering and radio communication systems, MGTU (Murmansk State Technical University) Maritime Academy. Group consists of N.V. Kalitenkov, V.I. Milkin, A.H. Piatsi, L.F. Borisova and authors group from JSC “Murmansk Shipping Company” - S.G. Perevoshikov, N.V. Mantyla, R.A. Fedotov, A.V. Ponomarenko, S.V. Filimoshkina.

Winners are awarded and diplomas are presented to them. New projects will be organized and new people will take in this competition next year. We would like to believe that interest to such necessary profession as an engineer will increase and engineers will develop Murmansk industry with a help of new ideas and new projects.

Interview by Natalia Sholomova.

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