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Businessmen have various problems with the customers: they are not reacting to the best offer, looking and not buying, etc.

It seems that everything is fine but no results. What is the problem? Like all out. In most cases the various proposals simply ignored by customers and the fact they are simply not needed (or if you want but not so much to spend time and money). So let's investigate how to find out what the client wants in reality.

I describe here two ways that I successfully apply in their own business.

The first method is survey.

It seems that a simple, easily implemented but ignored by most companies. And in vain. He can tell a lot about your business.

If it was easier to implement this method to you I am going to outline those issues which it is desirable to indicate in the questionnaire. Correct them for your business and get results.

1. Where client did learn about you?

This item can assess the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

2. Maintenance.

In my company 74% of women and 90% of men in the questionnaire (about 10,000 questionnaires) suggested the wish they served by the opposite sex. As a result, if a call client from woman leaves realtor - a man and vice versa. The result is profit increased by 20%. Just keep in mind these personal outcomes only relate to my company you may have other results judging from experience.

3. Price. Quality. Assortment.

It should be delicately ask whether the client is willing to overpay for the quality or the interest to lower prices. Which categories of products client interested in. What he would like to see in your range.

4. Personal information.

Know the status of your client is very useful. This is useful for conducting marketing campaigns, maintaining the pricing policy, etc. If you want customers, do not forget to get contact information.

5. At this point ask the customer what he is pleased or displeased. What he can advise, etc.

Keep in mind questions in the questionnaire should not be too much otherwise it can cause irritation of the client.

Now let us investigate how «force» the customer to fill in the questionnaire.

If you are in need of regular customers then perhaps a better way as a discount card with a discount for completing the questionnaire you will not find it.

If your business is related to one-time sales it is possible to offer a discount or gift. Just be careful with the gift. For example if your customers are worth and you will be offered a cheap pen with your logo it can be considered you do not appreciate being a client. In this case be simply to ask him to fill in the questionnaire. The vast majority would agree.

Questionnaires are a good way to ascertain the needs of clients but I want to warn the error is high. No conclusions should be made in completing at least 100 application forms depending on the scope of business.

And now I propose the second method. It’s observation.

More complex in implementation but shows the most truthful outcome.

If your business relates to the negotiations it is a must to keep a Dictaphone and analyze every word of the customer. What are the questions asked, what he’s unhappy, etc.

If you have a shop or supermarket care the behavior of customers. For example, if the buyer is interested in one product then look at the price list and is looking for a cheaper product, it is said that his interest low prices. The most interesting thing is that the same buyer in the questionnaire may indicate that his interests above all quality.

Good luck!

Business - trainer, consultant Sergei Surov.



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