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I have something written on this topic but when confronted with the situation again and again, it comes to understand that you need at least to repeat what has already been said. A better formulation in other words brings a couple of examples. Look - and even one or two of my readers' lives to build.

Doubt is a very painful condition. You know it «may be so, but could be - no?» This whole issue of Dostoevsky and laceration of Hamlet together gather together to slow the fire tortures and wring your soul. You decide and then it is you do not like, and you change it. But sleep a night with a new decision you can see his weaknesses and returned to the old solution. Until the evening when you change your mind and understood - and perhaps I was wrong? And in the morning, you remember how many times you change your decision and you deign insight - there is no single solution! Here you have so entangled that the tranquility cannot be considered. Why? The problems of fuel and life interest in it, is not it?
So. But there is the only problem you still want to solve.

When a person continues to play the game, which is sick him to death the very fact that the game becomes a problem.

In private conversations with businessmen after the seminars I often hear a note of weariness in the voice of my vis-a-vis. Tired of lead, tired to punch wall by forehead for ungrateful people. You have never had such mindsets? I’d like to go on the island and do nothing. 

It is best on a desert where there is no Internet and satellite communications but only a hotel and natives. Yes where damn it can I find the island ...

Why so? Accumulated unresolved doubts that torn man. No body is of course but his attention. It becomes difficult to concentrate, a person begins to engage in one, this is annoying and he is taking another. Then returned to the cast but distracted again ... time spent is not economical, the man feels his own ineffectiveness. This happens even in the most effective people – everybody around looking at it and think: Here's to me so! It must be the same as it is energetic, capable and powerful! A man looks at himself in the mirror - Wow... Do our readers are not familiar with this condition?

There are many ways to get rid of this condition. Some people can apply to themselves, some with foreign aid. This condition leaves gradually layers.

One of my friend wrote about himself that he is lazy and likes to laze. It said the man who slept for three or four hours a day (the body missing), wrote several books per year, conducted research and managed a global organization with offices in more than one hundred countries. In doing so, he was captain of the ocean liner, he had a family, a few children and he was fond of art. It is obvious that to find more time in idleness it was necessary to be truly effective person. You probably heard about my friend. His name was L. Ron Hubbard.

He described several ways to increase personal effectiveness because it was part of his research. And one of them relates to how to remove the doubt. I often help my friends to take a decision about life with the help of this formula.

Working at one job or another? Marry the one person or another, do you understand? How to choose a hobby? To be or not to be? To drink or not to drink? I understand these doubts, you do not know but your friends - for sure.

I will not quote the formula exactly as it has a special terminology. If you're in my workshop - I will give you it in the original and explain everything. Immediately bring only the very principle that can someone help.

Suppose you are choosing between some activities. The first thing that may hinder you make the right decision - it is prejudice and hearsay. Prejudice is pre-existing, false opinions or ideas about something. For example - to open a business in crisis is futile. Or - without higher education you cannot achieve anything. And this is kind of delusional ideas. How to distinguish a delusional idea of normal? Simply put into question any idea that the truth of which you did not confirm for themselves on their own experience.

And rumors - it's what you told someone about the subject of your question but you personally do not see it. Especially it is the negative facts.

So, the prejudices and rumors can prevent you to make the right decision, you are agreeing. Someone is trying to confuse you on the road. This simple action will help you: take write to paper and all the prejudices and rumors about the subject or person of which you have the doubt. Already at this point you certainly can find a solution.

Then proceed to analyze, better writing (I understand that the discipline might not suffice for a written exercise but you do not even imagine how exciting it all). Formulate goals and intentions of the person or an activity based on the fact that you saw yourself. That is - where it really moves people, organization and project? What exactly will lead them in the form in which they are now according to your observations?

Look at just how much a person or organization succeeds in its actions.

By this step you can take a decision whether this person or project to harm or help. Even if you do not decide to be part of a group or project that does not mean you cannot help if the project as a whole benefit, right?

Then - more fun. You need to clearly define its objectives. What do you want out of life? Oh, how many people stopped watching the space of a look after this issue! Here is a guide - take a look at their lives and tell me honestly what activities (except holiday) will be delivered to you the greatest pleasure? Think about what activities bring you into a state of enthusiasm? As you get into the best, as you have talent? The answers to these questions lie in the same plane as your target.

If all you have trouble with the answer you have two spare ways: effective and free. Effective - take our program «amplifier head» because in it we remove those veils that hide you from your goal and you begin to see it much clearer. Toll-free (only for managers and business owners, the rest will have to pay a little bit) - take the test in our organization. This remote service, which will help you decide.

But somehow their goals and aspirations can identify almost any man. Well, do it.

Next step - find out how well you are progressing towards this goal. There is one law: the people who are directed to similar goals and who have succeeded in this way will help you reach your goal. People who fail, whose dynamics is low - are worthy of sympathy or support but not as partners. Take the case and help them in your spare time.

Some read what I wrote, yawn and switch to viewing their favorite porno sites. Good luck to stay, we flew on. Others try to do it mentally. This is insufficient.

The most reasonable minority do this exercise in writing and thoughtfully. They are waiting for the difficulties but in the end will be a prize - the doubt run out. You can make a decision.

This formula - not the complete, articulated at ease and was simply my reasoning «on». Although it is very close. The original can be found in the books of L. Ron Hubbard called «formula doubt».

And finally it is the advice to leaders. This is a formula capable and qualified manager can help to apply to the officer when he was questioned - you have to stay or go work in another place. Details on how to remove the doubts of the staff and make them your vassals and adherents, I talk to his seminar «How to make employees want to earn money for you». Welcome.

Vadim Malchikov 
The founder of Central training company,

Specially forThe Helion publishing house



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