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The Murmansk region's subsoil and water are rich resource – that knows every schoolboy but for the time being all plans for the development of newly discovered wealth is located at researchers and designers. With the rise of economic situation has changed - a real possibility of exploration and development of mineral region. The possibility of investing capital in the industrial development of Murmansk region, including the construction of new industrial facilities and renovate old ones and ultimately profit from investment not only attracts the Murmansk and Russian businessmen as well as their western colleagues. It can be assumed that the level of competition among foreign companies in developing the Shtokman field and other prospective sites will continue to grow.

September 27 the governor of Murmansk region met representatives of the Norwegian company «Aker Kvaerner». What project presented to the Governor of our northern neighbors and what benefits it offers the region told the Head of the Department of Industry and Transport Sergey G. Natalich.

In order to coordinate actions of various domestic and foreign companies last year signed a memorandum of cooperation with the largest Norwegian company «Statoil». «Statoil» together with «Hydro» included in the initial list of partners for Gazprom to develop Shtokman field. To this end between the Government of the Murmansk region and Gazprom was signed an agreement.

In the framework of the memorandum identified six projects and for each created working group. One of the projects - the creation of the Association of Oil and Gas Suppliers «Murmanshelf», has been successfully completed. The Association operates and it has already 84 members including 14 from other regions of Russia.

Another of the six projects - utilization of drilling rigs. Norway, which has long been oil on the shelf already has a number of drilling platforms reached the end of their service life and require disposal. Norwegian experience in the recycling work, of course, can be very useful for the Russian petrogetters.

One example of cooperation between the government and foreign companies in the area was the meeting of the Governor of the Murmansk region with the Norwegian company «Aker Kvaerner». Yuri Evdokimov, the Department of Industry and Transport, Fisheries Murmansk region Murmansk branch managers FSUE «Rosmorflot», administration of the seaport of Murmansk discussed with the Norwegian company «Aker Kvaerner» dry dock construction project in the North of Russia - the enterprise for the construction of drilling platforms and their disposal.

Dry dock - it is a huge facility of 300 to 400 meters, it is very difficult in engineering terms and its purpose for building and repairing boats weighing 75 thousand tons.

Dry dock allows you to build a 2-3 drilling rigs at the same time. First, the dry dock to be used only for disposal of platforms but «Aker Kvaerner» went further and suggested its use for the construction of new ones. 

We have not docks of this size yet. In fact, this is a gigantic building yard and it is perfectly suitable for transporting large objects to their destination, which in fact a drilling platform - concrete structures over 40 meters in height, which could later be tapped to develop the Shtokman oil and gas deposits.

«Aker Kvaerner» - the initiator of the construction of dry dock - an international group of companies working in the field of engineering and construction industry. It has all the necessary resources and experience, serves the entire scope of works of design, supply and building technology designs. «Aker Kvaerner» is well known in the world, it is a party to a number of projects in the Barents and Kara seas, the Yamal Peninsula and on Sakhalin. Its efforts in the port of East for six months, built and successfully operates one of the world's largest dry docks.

On the construction of Sakhalin-1 employed 3000 workers who have received special training. To conduct the construction work in the Murmansk region is planned to attract more than 2,000 Russian workers. To subsequently no problems with personnel, their training must start now. To help in the preparation of working can Murmansk schools - Civil Engineering, Vocational. However, that will create new vocational and technical education, focused on teaching skills has not previously been popular in the Murmansk region.

This project is of great interest to the Murmansk construction companies as well as and it emphasized the representative of the company it is to attract them to build a dry dock. At the invitation to cooperate in the first place can be producers of construction materials and owners of construction equipment, quality products and services that are close to European standards.

The draft gave rise to the interest of the Government of the Murmansk region and the governor personally. Yuri Alekseevich gave the job the Department of Industry and Transport: to work on a project together with the Norwegians to form a working group which will take effect after the representatives of «Aker Kvaerner» submit their nominations.

During a visit to Oslo in November the governor is going to once again discuss the draft and sign a memorandum between the Government of the Murmansk region and the company «Aker Kvaerner». Once the Department of Foreign Economic Relations will prepare a protocol meeting and the Governor will sign it, it will begin work on the memorandum. In the event that the leadership of the area a positive decision on the construction of docks «Aker Kvaerner» is ready to begin work in 2008.

One of the proposed construction of dry docks site could become the village of Teriberka. For the development of the village of such a decision, of course, would look very attractive but to say that it is in Teriberka spread grand building, it is premature. The Norwegian side has put forward a number of requirements that must conform to the selected location.

First, there must be a nearby sand and macadam quarries for building materials. And if high-quality crushed stone we have in sufficient quantities the requirements of sand suitable for building purposes you may have to meet with the help of neighboring regions.

Secondly, you need a fairly deep bay to receive transport heavy equipment delivered by boat. We know that during the construction of «Snow White» giant sets in this way were brought from Germany, Spain and other countries. And finally, a necessary condition is the availability of sites for the location of the camp. It should be noted that the Norwegians plan to build an entire town for builders. From our part it need to agree on several important issues with the military and to enlist his support. During the discussions the working committee finally agree on all issues including choice of location for the construction of dry docks.

As we can see, there are a lot of problems but they are all solvable. As noted at the meeting of the Governor of the Murmansk region, «made through the recent discoveries in the field of exploration and mining, will soon appear willing to invest a lot in the Murmansk region». «I have always stressed - he added - that of our strategic partners have always been and remain the Norwegians. We have a common region, then we have the overall economic objectives for which should make joint efforts ».

Interviewed by Olga Garnat



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