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In the case of personnel management and recruitment drifts a lot of false data. They were swaying in the lazy currents, university waves and confuse businessmen.

Like a fish seeing a shadow in the water take her for obstruction and tries to get out and managers, fed the poison of lies produced by the faculties of psychology, according to some staffing problems intractable. Despite the fact that the solution simple and logical, lies on the surface but it is not taught in high schools with loud names (this is the problem).

One of these false postulates is the immutability of man. Materialistic psychology of the nineteenth and twentieth century argued that a person does not change that his inclination and intellect are immutable. Its ability to narrow sharpened by nature so that one can only adapt to that part of the environment that best suits him for the chaotic nature of choice or something there still.

In short, any delirium.

Unfortunately, this idea in the institute's program was not replaced by anything, even the most progressive educators and note its fantastic unfounded. So in deciding people's abilities and inclinations a sort of chaos reigns.

Also there is another problem - the general cultural decline heated by state system. Society flooded with drugs and psychologists, heads of state action aimed at suppressing and attempts to force control, media cynicism and cultivate an attitude of "none of my business." Previously nod to the "horrors of Hollywood" but lately the only positive on television - is suddenly brightening Hollywood pictures promoting moral values. And in Russia, the intelligentsia represents a small number layer that is not traditional for our country. There is a degradation.

As a result, people relate to each other with distrust and bad and this attitude are passed as a chain reaction, penetrating into the organization and making staff insecurity. Despite the slogans the people really was not being pursued. A real caring and understanding people can be met so rarely that such organizations are the diamonds sparkling in the dung heap of the overall picture of human relationships.

As with any problem that has long not solved, the solution consists of several parts, otherwise it would long ago have been found. People find either one of them or another but individually these things do not work.

Thus, one aspect of problem is methods of recruitment.

Second - how to improve the skills of people in positions.

Third - questions of motivation.

Fourth - charisma and qualifications of managers as well as whether they have a positive purpose and determination.

Even with a weak system of organization of the company is able to grow well and sometimes even reach great heights (temporarily) in the presence of the above factors.

Shorthand for technology solutions for each of these issues.

Recruitment should be in abundance. That is, you have to dial for a trial period of approximately three times more people than you will need to be in the end as part of the candidates tends to run off. With a good solution to improve the skills of people more than half who applied to work for you (unless you do not use official labor exchange where most people need not work, and unemployment), more than half turned to the people you are suitable for adoption at probation. You do not need rigorous selection and testing of the first stage, it can be done on probation.

As L. Ron Hubbard writing of this: "The company hires a girl that she typed the letter. After 60 days they discover that she is not doing its job. So they get rid of her and hire another. And after 90 days of discovering that she cannot do their work. So they fired her and hired the following ... 150 days they have not had any correspondence. This is enough to ruin any company. It is costly.


The firm employs three girls, while the leadership thinks that they need one.

After 150 days they have left one girl.

But the 150 days they had a correspondence. And profit.

Economic solution for the preservation of profits is to maintain production. Do not obsessively fixated on staff. Always recruit several times more than necessary.

In fact, when you do so you rarely dismiss anyone. Employees or escape (which means that they were not needed) or they really need and then they are ...

... Financial problems or issues with the salary in the organization can appear only when it is not staffed in the right quantity, its staff not trained and do not produce enough quantity of product. "

People are unsuitable for work in the state can be attributed to one of the four categories listed below. They fully embrace the ones you discarded in the interview not allowing the organization. Here are the categories:

1. Anti-social people with destructive aims (those who get pleasure from the destruction or suppression of others). These people we call "suppressive persons" and the discovery of the train managers on the program "Power Amplifier Head» (Executive booster). Such people are only about 2,5% in the community.

2. Those people who are linked by their close relations or depend on the disastrous anti-social personality outside the organization. Such people are called "potential sources of trouble." Although they are not allowed on posts if found, they can be worked out which we also teach the "amplifiers". In contrast to the suppressive persons, they be corrected. These people in the society about 18%.

3. Those people who are sick or for whatever reason are not able to function.

4. Active enemies planted in the organization of the same enemies in order to cause any harm.

Well, this is a small percentage of people. They can learn to compute. This has all the tools we can have them trained.

Technology is extensive, occupies a large volume and requires in-depth scrutiny of experienced specialist, so some articles going.

Some of my readers think - what's the program, all can be found in articles and on the Internet. How they are affected, having a program and realizing that this really did not learn in a different way, even if all the instructions. Need a very specific practice.

You may decide that I'm arguing for "amplifier". However, I simply point you to an effective solution, analogues to which you will not find that we have specifically sought out for you in a sea of data and confusion. "Power Amplifier Head" (Executive Booster) is available so far only in three places on the planet - in Moscow, Australia and in Japan. You can choose where you come closer. In Russian program is only in Moscow.

Our goal was and is to help you solve complex problems and begin to live better. You are reading this article free of charge. Much information is on the site. All that can be made available free of charge, we do for you. But there are the following steps. And believe me, they were devastatingly effective.

In light of the factors influencing the expansion of the organization, "Power" will help you strengthen another - charismatic leader. No matter how powerful and influential businessman, did not start the program, its ability to achieve genuine acceptance of people with their real goals and to promote raised repeatedly. That is definitely reflected in the life of the entire company.

Problems solved compilation literacy skills training programs for each employee. I already wrote a lot about setting internal corporate training center. This action of the personnel department and managers in improving the overall skills of all employees of the company (they are taken from L. Ron Hubbard's instructions "Preparing programs for staff):

1. Count the staff that you have;

2. Decide on what position they will be appointed when they will increase in the post;

3. Make them the curriculum, they will be held while studying part-time. And

4. Recruit in excess;

5. If a person has just hired, quickly enter it in the course of the case that he could work on average positions;

6. Move employees, which was drawn up a training program to work on some other post, to positions in preparation for which they were compiled program;

7. Start to educate people who had just taken a job, programming, they should be held while studying part-time.

8. Continue to recruit staff.

Only the more experienced personnel are transferred to higher positions. However you do it exclusively and only conducting a preliminary training of candidates for head of leadership. There is no sadder story in the world to raise a good employee to manager and give it a fiasco because he was not trained in the head. This is a separate art.

And about the motivation I have written in other articles - look at my site.

People can change, and you change them through training. As well as breathing life in them, as a leader. And you can make them able to hold almost any position. If you have mastered this art, you decide not only current but also future their problems.

Hopefully this will help you.

Vadim Malchikov, owner of Central training company.



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