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The head of any company, no matter how lucrative and prosperous it is sooner or later confronted with an issue like the conflict. And if there is a problem then it needs to be solved. How to make the conflicts in the workplace are no longer for you unpleasant surprises? How to proceed if you still bring the case before the conflict?

Conflict in the workplace? Believe me this is not the end of the world!

If we ask the head of any company as him relates to conflict, it is likely we hear the answer «negative». But is it possible to develop, to move forward without the resolution of problems and conflict situations? As you know, the truth born in a dispute and the conflict - it is nothing but a labor dispute and it is a component of industrial relations. Therefore, let us refer to him not as «the end of the world» but as a beginning solution to the problem.

Of course, every leader has their secrets and techniques to overcome conflicts acquired from experience, successful or not. We try to create a universal prescription for combating conflict in the workplace, which will help to save power and time to always busy managers and owners of companies.

What to do if you bring the matter before the conflict? Calm down and do not panic, remember that the conflict - it is only the beginning of solving the problem.

The conflict never happens suddenly: today, all calm but tomorrow everything «rages». For example, since the decision to move staff to another company immediately prior to the filing of his statement, it may take some time and during this period the manager must recognize the signs of escalating conflict. Perhaps the employee often asks for leave home early or constantly late, or he does not attach importance to the quality of the work - all this must be a «bells» to the head. But as practice shows such signals often pass by his eyes and become apparent only in the form of a statement of resignation.

First step - find source of conflict, understand its causes

An unknown third party provokes any conflict. While saying that the two need to fight the situation becomes really a conflict only when it involved a third man - provocateur. An illustrative example: the staff manager swears by the Secretary every day, the reasons for disputes seem to be there - it is the lack of clean forms for the interview, then not to be done in time copies of the documents. However, more detailed consideration of this situation is that there is a third man - an accountant, which blow upon of them on the each other.

An important factor in working with a third party is hoaxes. A third party harms the company by submitting false reports to other officials. For example, someone from the staff incorrectly informed customer and this led to the breakdown of an important transaction. He could not recognize yourself guilty and he begin to blame someone else. As a result, such actions lead to people is not implicated in the cause of charged and applies to disciplinary action or completely dismissed.

Thus, in any conflict it is necessary to search a third party. But in any case when the search should not ask employees questions such as: «Who are you to not apply?», «What goes wrong?», Most likely, they point to a very demanding director. If you ask these questions on the other way ( «Does somebody tells you who was not true and what is said? Who said?», «Does you listen someone enters wrong? What say? Who said?» ) and collect all the names mentioned by staff is likely to find one that meets more frequently than others. This will be the man for whom you want to investigate. When the parties to the conflict will provocateur and find evidence that the problem can be solved.

Remember, there are no conflicts that cannot be resolved except for those where the third party remains undetected. 

There are at least five ways that can be used by short-sighted leaders in an attempt to resolve the conflict.

Method 1: Attack. 
In this case the leadership sought to insist on his opened struggle for their interests, using of power and coercion. This will cause the head to take his views at any cost and ultimately win. But another question, whether he had allies in the victory - is unlikely.

Method 2: Escaping. 
The head may desperately try to escape from the problem and its solutions. He may defer a decision «to then», engaged in «more important things» but the problem sooner or later it is still followed him as a rule.

Method 3: Avoid. 
With this strategy of leadership designed to get out of the situation is not conceding but not insisting on his refraining from joining in the controversy and debate. In response to the presentation of the claim or prosecution supervisor translates the conversation to another topic. We can say that he is Heather but that his behavior would not lead to any results - the conflict remain unresolved.

Method 4: ignore. 
The head can pretend that conflict does not exist and do nothing about his decision. However, this problem becomes less and will not disappear by itself.

Method 5: surrender. 
Leadership in conflict situations aimed at maintaining or restoring good relations. For this he was willing to give up, dispense with their interests, seek to support the other and not hurt his feelings and consider the arguments. But in this case it is difficult to name his a leader.

Of course, none of these five ways is true - because the conflict did not decide but only worsen.

Solution always consists of management of Administration.

In order for the supervisor was able to resolve any conflict situation, it is necessary to use effective company management tools.

Job descriptions 
Leader must accurately and clearly convey to staff the requirements for its work. Particularly the problem becomes acute in the absence of a clear delineation of responsibilities of staff or offices, where leaders face the challenge of simultaneous execution of different tasks are equally urgent and important. So, for example, request to call customers as well as Secretary of failing should not scare people he should be ready for it. And he is to be ready when this feature will be included in his job.

Command line and the subordination 
In any of the rights and responsibilities of all employees must be balanced. The responsibility should always be provided with the relevant authorities and vice versa. That is the line of command and subordination should be clearly defined and understood by all staff.

Lines of communication 
It is very important to organize the lines of communication within the company. For example, if two or more employees have differences on any issue conflict can be easily avoided by turning to their general manager, inviting him to take a final decision. But to ensure that staff has the assistance of the superiors in the company should be clearly developed a communication mechanism.

The system rewards 
People who have made a special contribution to the attainment of organizational goals should be rewarded: it may be premium, promotion or just appreciation. At the same time unproductive behavior of individuals or groups should not be encouraged. Thus, with rewards system you can easily manage the behavior of people and avoid conflict situations.

Selection of personnel 
There should be a selection of professional personnel and to identify antisocial personalities in the initial stages of recruitment. One of the important conditions for conflict prevention are the maximum requirements the staff members may present its position. People selected will work, so when we taking on the work of honest, hard-working, healthy employees we thereby avoid the many interpersonal conflicts.

Organize a joint recreation management and staff. Co-tourism, group picnics, sports meetings between the divisions - all this brings strong team and a friendly atmosphere in which there is no conflict.

Galina Smolyakova 
President BusinessForward



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