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Theory of Economics argues that the purpose of any business organization - profit. But there are among them those that are actively involved in other spheres of public life: in particular, assume the functions of social support - that «charged» for example the core enterprises. Much less of them are financial institutions.

Among the exceptions - the Murmansk branch of Sberbank of Russia. According to his manager Alexander Ginko, this requires the status of his structure.

- We are an institution that really affects the economy in the region - began our interview, Alexander Antonovich. - It is no coincidence that in a few years ago we signed the Agreement with the regional Government where is a paragraph, which obliges us to fund the most significant projects in the province. And it applies to all major North industries - processing of fish, fuel supply and the mining industry. Particular attention is given to small businesses, whose development remains a priority in the activities of the regional administration.

And this is only part of the facts that can claim that the bank actually holds a dominant position in the financial market of the Murmansk region, helping the largest enterprises including public entities to develop the economy of the province.

The current situation is the Murmansk office strong push result in literally the last five years. Although the history of the Savings Bank on the Murman is inextricably linked with the formation of the entire Kola polar region and already has more than a century, it was not always so ambitious. Here acted only three state savings banks at the beginning of last century. Their staff was smallest. However, the reliability of the work could envy: savings continued to service customers neither the years of revolution or later during the Civil War nor then the Great Patriotic War.

However, no less severe test of the viability had to endure Sberbank in the reform period 1990's when money depreciate literally within days while rates on loans exceed more then 250 per cent. While commercial banks have sometimes been in the advantageous position of being able to lure to his best specialists and to offer better terms to customers. But how many of those agencies subsequently disappeared without trace I think it is not necessary to recall.

The dramatic changes have occurred with the advent of the new century. In 2001 the Murmansk bank Sberbank received the status of the office institutional subordination of North-West Bank SB. This point can be considered the starting point of rapid development and is still gaining momentum.

An important factor in this process was the personnel policy. If in the 1990's many experts prefer other institutions to Murmansk Bank and now it is the reverse pattern.

- Half of our employees have experience in Sberbank of ten or more years and it shows the team level of professionalism - led digits Chief Human Resources Tatyana Tretyakova. - It is despite the fact that we try to invite and young professionals seeking to maintain a balance between experience and energy - in particular working with the professional colleges. By the way, the bank pays the best students a scholarship instead of getting the opportunity to pick up shots. It is important that every employee is constantly raising the professional level, sometimes several times a year by attending training seminars and refresher courses.

Due to the coherent and literate work of professional and leadership positions today the Murmansk branch of more than confident. While a year ago it took on the major indicators of the seventh place among all the offices of the North-Western Bank of Sberbank of Russia, on the basis of 2005-th forward missed only two. A dynamic development in many areas of activity over the past three years suggests that in 2006 the Murmansk branch has all the prerequisites to become a leader in the Northwest Sberbank on the size of profits.

Significant increases in other indicators. Over the past five years 3.9 times increased net assets reaching the current figure of 22,294.0 million rubles, 4.9 times increased operating assets. At 3.8 times has been more balance in the accounts of legal entities, 5,5 - physical. Traditionally, high numbers is characterized by the presence of branches of Sberbank to Murmansk in the market segment of the deposits of individuals: it accounts for 79.8 percent of the total volume of investments in commercial banks although in the region today virtually all the leading financial institutions in Russia.

The increasingly wide spread of card products to expand network ATM the quantity of the Murmansk branch of the Savings Bank that is well ahead of local competitors. They are now in the field of more than 100. By the way as of October 1 2006 the number of bank cards issued to over 240 thousand - in fact they have every fourth resident of the area including children and pensioners. At the moment the Murmansk and Apatity Branch of Sberbank of Russia jointly implementing an ambitious project to translate a numerous team of JSC «Apatite» for payroll cards bank Sberbank of Russia.

Particularly impressive is the jump in lending. The credit portfolio of individuals for five years rose to 28.1 times. At today issued more than 86 thousand credits, that is, the service took advantage of every ten inhabitants of the province.

The same can be said of legal persons. In the Murmansk office credited the vast majority of the largest enterprises and the edge of structures including the administration area. Among the clients there are representatives of all major industries. With the help of the Savings Bank of funding the ongoing activities and investments in the acquisition of vessels produces the Murmansk Shipping Company, built trawlers and work ship repairers. It credited the leading mining companies such as JSC «Apatite» and JSC «Olkon» as well as suppliers and vendors of food and fuel.

Interestingly, just over the last 2-3 years of service in Sberbank crossed many firms and organizations that had previously preferred to work with other commercial banks.

- Firstly all of this shows the level of the Murmansk branch of Sberbank and the quality of services provided - said Alexander Ginko. - We have been able to change the stereotypes of Sberbank. If before we were as to the savings bank today everybody sees that this is a live, mobile and dynamic structure.

Particularly noteworthy is the collaboration with the Red Banner Northern Fleet of Russia. Several years ago the Murmansk branch of Sberbank of Russia was no easy task: to become a major financial institution serving one of the largest military forces in Russia as well as its personnel and those living in areas of the home fleet. Sberbank of Russia, and North-Western Bank of Sberbank of Russia with the command of the fleet signed a cooperation and partnership agreement. As a result, the agreements achieved the main goal: people have access to the full range of financial services and products and the fleet as a whole took a reliable partner in the largest bank in Russia. Moreover, Sberbank of Russia has taken the patronage over the well-known heavy nuclear missile cruiser «Peter the Great», a fleet regularly receives funds for the construction of sports and training complex for aviation regiment deck Northern Fleet.

And it is very far from the financial sphere but very important for the other two projects are the Murmansk branch of Sberbank of Russia. Thus, bankers annually allocate funds for the restoration of the famous Church of the Assumption in the ancient village Varzuga. This unique piece of Russian wooden architecture was built in 1674 and for his three hundred-odd years survived only one major repair. That is the only such monument in the Arctic Circle.

The second project is the sponsorship of the international traditional annually The North Celebration, where the strongest athletes worldwide become guests. Sberbank of Russia gives prizes to winners of one of the central and the most spectacular events - ski marathon at 50 kilometers. Prizes, however, facing the struggle: the last two years the leaders went to the marathon contest for the new car or take away from the pedestal of honor checks for large sums.

However, to assume that other businesses true citing the lack of benefits for the Savings Bank is not uncommon. For example, it refers to the content of branches in remote locations. The Murmansk office has his unit even in the village Krasnoshchelye where you can get only by air during the summer and in winter - on snowmobiles.

Bold and unusual look Murmansk bankers initiated last year a new project in Norway. Specialists of the Murmansk branch of Sberbank of Russia held in the «Russian» Northern Norwegian town of Kirkenes unique promotional seminar, which introduced the largest Russian population of the city with the services provided in the Bank's offices in border areas.

- The Savings Bank has always been not only to perform a commercial function but is representative of public interest, - commented on the idea of the workshop manager Alexander Ginko. - That is why we pay attention and those of our fellow citizens who reside abroad. Our bank is probably the only Russian more, which is due to the scale of their activities can provide them with necessary services and products. In Murmansk and Kirkenes have close economic and friendly ties and there are a lot of Slavs. They often need to convert to their Russia native part of salary. Many our ships in the Norwegian Sea were bought and repaired at the Savings Bank of Russia loans. So, our options are very in demand.

These examples, it is sufficient to judge the level of the Murmansk branch of Sberbank. But to stop there his leadership did not intend. There are already decided to construct additional buildings in Murmansk, where the host center for working with private clients, a separate floor will be allocated to serve the VIP-clients. In addition, it plans to open several new branches. Particularly promising is the idea of creating a self-hour office, where people will be able to perform all basic operations.

All this suggests that the Murmansk branch of the Savings Bank feels the local financial market is very confident in the future plans to further strengthen their positions.

Interviewed by Ilya Vinogradov



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