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According to the Minister of Trade and Industry of Norway O. Ericksen, 36% of the Central Association of Manufacturers Norway (NHO) consider the Russian market is very promising for the development of business while 24% are already working in Russia.

The interest of Norway to the northern Russian market is reviewed and in order to visit Murmansk delegation member Storting (Norwegian Parliament) representing the Progressive Party.

The official purpose of the visit is acquaintance with the situation in industry, business and trade in the Murmansk region. Visitors also interested in the view of the Russian side about the factors that impede the development of trade relations between our countries with a centuries-old tradition.

Representatives of Murman industry took high-ranking guests of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, which further emphasized the business orientation of the meeting. Of course, this meeting was not negotiating but it is nevertheless a bridge to establishing new relationships with neighbors in the region.

At a meeting with the Norwegian party attended by Jan-Henrik Fredriksen, Henning Skumsvoll, Tore Nistad, Ib Thomsen, Stole Urbyu representing the Progressive Party in the Storting. Areas of Norwegian parliamentarians are different - from the Health Committee and municipal utilities to the Investments Committee.

Norway is the open country! So was said by the parliamentarians in the beginning of the conversation. Deep purpose of their visit is to promote greater openness in the Norwegian trade relations with other states: open access for goods from outside competition and lower prices for goods on the domestic market. In connection with this problem Norwegians are interested in our part of the existing obstacles to the crossing of goods across the border.

Murmansk Industrialists Council was represented by the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Murmansk Region members. There were Pavel Vinogradov, Alexander Lebedev, Director of MurmanEXPOcenter CSE Arkady Bakharev and Deputy Director General, Association of Oil and Gas Industry BUT «Murmanshelf» Alexey Fadeev - just like the Norwegians do not hide their interest in development of trade relations with the northern neighbors.

Murmansk businessman told of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (employers) in the Murmansk region, its goals and objectives. Representative BUT «Murmanshelf» Alexey Fadeev acquainted guests with the activities of the association. Pavel Vinogradov and Arkady Bakharev told about such an important direction of the SPP as a regional tripartite commission to regulate social and labor relations. Organized in 1997 in the Murmansk region trilateral commission to Russia was the first practice of interaction of power, business and trade unions. According to the suit were organized in such structures in other Russian regions.

Thus, interaction with colleagues from northern Norway near Murmansk yielded practical results to the Russian industry in the business. Bringing the line of the positive results of cooperation Arkady Bakharev noted that the change of generations, a respectively, and part of the priorities, gives the new prospects of cooperation of Russian and Norwegian businesses. In particular, it is the opening southern Norway for the Russians.

A further discussion demonstrated the confidence of both parties that with positive attitude can be a mutually beneficial position suit all cooperators:

Russ: Import-export is a mutually beneficial working environment. At present, Norway-Russia exports more than exports Russia-Norway. Collaboration in 1991 in the field of fisheries has resulted in the supply of 70% obtained in the Russian courts commodity in Norway. As a result, trade in raw materials the Russian side was able to begin the modernization of the fleet in order to enter the world market. We supply Russia-Norway began to decline causing a reduction in production capacity and job cuts. The Government had to increase subsidies. In connection with this policy started in the pressure on the Russian side including the falsification of data on the alleged decline in the catch. The import and export reached an impasse.

Norway: We have to admit that Norway has very strict policies on imported food particularly meat products. There are very high tariff barriers. We are for open trade borders to the people of Norway had the choice of products and prices. It must be right to say that there are border and customs barriers. It comes to the absurd: Russia and Norway have similar interests in the Barents Sea but have not initiated contact for operational issues. There is a need to open in Murmansk Norwegian office for business negotiations and cooperation. We have the general responsible for the Barents Sea.

Russ: The Barents Sea is a Cod «kindergarten». We guarded him but 70% of its catch we take in the waters of Norway. We need, of course, the joint solutions.

Norway.: Russia and Norway should work out the rules for two sides and we need to find a consensus. So far - we are separated but must unite together to defend our rights to other countries with interests in the Barents Sea.

Russ: Let’s return to the question of common interests unification basis. There is a proposal to return to the idea of joint ventures on a new basis. The Russian side may propose new technologies, for example, a product used in the iododefitsite. Our technology is better then Norwegian. It is especially suitable for children. We think the Committee on Health Storting should be interested in such a production on the Norwegian market.

Moreover, the product of our production remains iodine for three years now, which is confirmed by tests. In the world of such products is still not done and it is completely Russian technology. Russia is ready to cooperate. We offer the Norwegian specialists to consider our proposal to establish a joint venture.

By the way, namely joint ventures is the way out of this situation, when the import is growing at a pace requiring any restrictions. Joint ventures, especially in the small business will help reduce tension.

Some time ago, Russia was taking off in joint ventures. Many of them have not stood the test of time due to the difference mentality. Now with the development of Russian business the position become closer and this form of cooperation may be a new development.

Then the conversation turned into concrete proposals.

CSE Director MurmanEXPOcenter MO Arkady Bakharev proposed the establishment of a joint Internet site for the occurrence of the Norwegian small businesses in the Russian market. An important direction for the organization of joint activities is the MurmanEXPOcenter exhibition activities. There have been identified figures that give hope to increase the field to search for Russian-Norwegian business relations: the exhibition SEVTEK claimed 90 Norwegian companies under the auspices «Petro Arctic», 6-8 companies will present the Storting, 12 coming on their own initiative.

It was noted that this is all - representatives of the Northern Territory. Entrepreneurs southern Norway has little familiarity with Russian producers as well as Russia - with them. 

The Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (employers) Exhibitions in the Murmansk region has caused delegation Storting particular concern.

Norwegian party received invitations to participate in the annual exhibition-RESOURCES-SEA TECHNOLOGIES going to a new level of development as evidenced by the participation in exhibitions in 2006 Minister of Fisheries and Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Norway. The exhibition has become the territory in which the first «face to face» discussed problems in the fishing industries of both countries. The new level of problems can be solved just on exhibition spaces. Arkady Bakharev proposed joint project with the by the Storting - the southern areas of education, seminars, exhibitions and other business contacts in the fields of oil and gas and fishing industries, the construction industry. The aim is to change the appearance of Russians in the understanding of the Norwegians, which will contribute to the development and strengthening of joint business activities.

Looked forward to support these initiatives by the Progressive Party.

At the meeting conclusion all present parties was felt that communication had been useful and will benefit both sides and the meeting will undoubtedly should be continued.

Material Prepared by Victoria Egorova



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